Friday, December 22, 2023

Folely's Tales From Rainbow Bridge: Toby


Dogs don’t like to be alone. Toby never was.

His life would have been longer if he had.

Toby was born with an invisible twin that only he and other pets could see. Humans lost their ability to do so in their quest for everything to make sense.

We are all born with some good in us and some evil. Sometimes, we develop the opposite terms outside the body, and when we are born, it detaches us from our body but never leaves us.

Some people, who are remembered for their kindness and generosity, walk with their excellent spirit advising them.

But some walk with invisible evil.

One of those souls was Toby.

Toby is a sweet little white dog who loves playing with toys and walking with his mom. His favorite spot was his bed, beside his mom’s big one, where he peacefully slept. If you saw a picture of him, you would see a happy, cute boy.

But you wouldn’t be able to see the evil on his shoulder.

Toby’s brother Odie could see it. Their mom thought he was upset at having an usurper in the house. She didn’t understand that Geordie loved his brother but hated the evil attached to him.

During his time, one Earth Geordie counterbalanced evil. When he had to go to the Bridge, Toby was vulnerable. Geordie spent time on Toby’s shoulder, advising him to be good, but the evil Toby’s influence was growing.

Toby would go on to bite his mother several times, as well as other family members, and lash out with angry barks. With each incident, the evil power gains more control of his twin. Toby always felt guilty when he was terrible and didn’t know why he acted out; his mom and doctor were stumped too.

Toby had a painful cyst, and the hope was if it was removed, Toby would not be angry. He underwent the operation and felt better, especially since his evil twin was gone. Still, it came back with a vengeance, furious that an attempt was made to stop him, and without knowing why, Toby attacked his mom again.

The evil Toby carried with him could not be defeated. He was not a happy pup and was becoming a danger. His mom and the vet chose to send him to the Bridge.

Toby ran up to the banks near Rainbow Bridge and gradually looked around. His brother Geordie stood mid-bridge calling for his brother, but the evil entity told Toby to stay, with a promise of becoming evil spirits who would torment those who had wronged him.

Toby looked back and forth, then suddenly ran to his brother at the Bridge. The bevil followed him but could not pass over and burst into a single flame that burned brightly before going out.

Toby felt free. All the anger that consumed him was gone. Then Toby realized what the vil had cost him and cried on the Bridge.

Geordie talked to him softly, telling him his mom sent him to the Bridge to be happy. Toby nodded and walked across. As he did, all the pains and torments of life were washed away, and by the time I swore him in, he was the happy pup he was always meant to be.

Geordie told Toby what was next for him. They were to join together and be their mom’s angels, and Toby would be nothing but good this time.

He wants to repay his mom for loving him despite the evil attached to him and showing him love and kindness.

Their mom had not had many breaks in life, but now she had Toby on her shoulder, determined to do good for her.

I predict he will do a spectacular dog, as the best angels have been brushed by evil, making them the strongest of their kind.


  1. Toby's story had a good ending. I agree he will be the best of the best Angels. He learned a valuable lesson
    Hugs Cecilia

  2. It takes something drastic to make a good Angel sometimes. Toby will get it done!

  3. I agree with both comments here. Toby will get it done. It wasn't his fault and all is right now.


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