Thursday, December 7, 2023

Poetry Thursday


Once again, Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton have provided us with a photo for Poetry Thursday.

A failed farmer and father was my friend Steve Hill

Who lost everything during an infestation of the boll weevil

But Steve stayed positive despite the upheaval.

Because he wanted to fly like Evil Knievel

Steve knew big bikes and jumps were no way to begin.

And despite the family thinking he belonged in the loony bin

Steve screwed up all the courage within

And began jumping Tonka Trucks on his Schwinn.

The more he practiced, the further and higher he flew.

And a signature jump he did pursue.

He considered jumping a line of statues.

Confident that soon it would be Knievel, he would outdo.

He found four men to leap with his bike.

But the men were afraid their heads he would strike.

And even with helmets, they all thought alike.             

If their concerns were not met, they would take a hike.  

Then Steve had a remarkable thought.

If it was no head injuries, that is what they sought.

They should stand on their heads with legs spread out

As they waited for the overly confident hotshot

Steve got on his bike and revved the engine. It roared.

And he pictured himself above the clouds as he soared

He would go faster than the Concord.

And set the jumping human record.

At that moment, Steve did not know he would soon retire

And the men would soon know the pain of having their scrotums crushed by a tire

But Sam did not care that the jump did not go as they desire

Because the five men had found a career singing falsetto with the Vienna Boys choir


  1. we cried with laughter... a masterpiece!!!

  2. We knew your poem would not disappoint and it sure didn't! LOL

  3. That's a great poem and with your classic surprise ending.

  4. I remain in awe of how you find so many perfect words for the phots each week. I should be ready for your wildly funny endings but they always crack me up
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. How did we guess this poem would not end well....?

  6. HA! I laughed out lout at that one, ouch!

  7. Those are a couple of great stories. One in prose and one in poetry. You are very talented.

  8. Great poem, Ruby. Of course we all knew how it would end, right?


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