Friday, December 8, 2023

Foley Monster's Tales From Rainbow Bridge: A Dog Named Charlotte

Charlotte was a happy family dog, who was named after the city where her parents met in college. Charlotte was proud of her name, knowing it meant how much her parents loved her.

Charlotte had a huge yard in which she loved to run during the day. The property was surrounded by a large fence to keep her from travelling into the neighbors’ yard. She would often the senior couple who owned the home, and Charotte was sad to see them go,

There was a no couple who moved in next door. They did not introduce themselves to Charlotte’s parents. Her dad said it was alright. Some people are like that.

 Charlotte loved her yard as much as her name. She could play for hours, and was never happier than when the parentsf two young children played with her.

 Charlotte would come inside when her father came to the back door and called her name. She ran inside the safety of the couch, where, after she ate, she would lie down on the couch with her people.

 One night, after being let back in the house, Charlotte found her idyllic life facing upheaval.

 There was a sharp knock on the door. Charlotte’s dad answered and gave the new neighbor a smile until he saw the man’s angry face. “Why are you calling my little girl?” the man asked. “Are you some kind of perv?”

 The dad assured the angry man that he was not calling the girl. “Then why were you yelling her name.” A couple more questions determined that the girl ins question name was Charlotte. The pup’s dad laughed. The neighbor did not. “Change that dogs name or there will be hell to pay,” the man said and stormed away.

 Charlotte prayed that she could keep her name, and that te bad man next door did not cause any more trouble. I assured her parents had discussed it, and would never change her name.

Then I gave her a smile and told her my plan.

There was part of the fence that was low enough to see into the neighbor’s yard. Through my dream suggestion I got the neighboring mother to take her Charlotte out just as the dog was being called. The girl, upon hearing the name ran to the fence and saw the dog. She pointed excitedly and told her mom the dog had her name.

Then Charlotte the dog walked up to the fence, put her paws up and gave the girl a lick.

 Charlotte the dog made a friend of Charlotte the girl that day. The latter was thrilled the dog had her name, as so was Charlotte.

 Inside the house, the man, when hearing Charlotte’s name, seethed.

 Sometimes the bond between a little girl and the neighbor next door is the strongest of all.



  1. We hope both Charlotte's enjoyed each other's company for a long time.

  2. That neighbor Dad is a professional asshole.

  3. Ditto to Brian's Dad's comment
    Hugs cecilia


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