Thursday, December 14, 2023

Poetry Thursday



Once again, Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton have provided us with a photo for Poetry Thursday.

Santa and Mrs. Claus flew off in a helicopter meant for attack.

Everything they would need was in his sack.

In it were no toys, gifts, or even a snack.

Because Santa and Mrs. Claus were off to bomb Iraq


It was two nights before that Santa was in his sled.

Over the mid-east, he flew with many other countries ahead

When the gunfire erupted from Baghdad, and Blitzen took one in the head

Santa pulled out his M-16 and shouted, “I’m going make you MF’ers dead.”


Santa’s shots were met by anti-sled fire.

He sent it higher.

And was soon in a quagmire.

Could he get help? He would have to inquire.


Santa got away, but his gift delivery was on pause.

He had to get home and wrap Blitzen’s head in gauze.

Children woke up in the morning to see Santa had not come, then learned the cause.

“We are at war,” the President said, “Iraq opened fire on Santa Claus.”


Iraq said it was all a big mistake.

Their secretary of Christmas announced: “Shooting at Santa is not something we would undertake.”

 “He knows if we’ve been bad or good, for goodness’ sake!

Have you considered the Jewish Space Laser, which is not fake?”


Santa insisted he would lead the attack

He found his courage in his century-old cognac

Mrs. Claus went too, the geriatric maniac.

It was time for some good old-fashioned payback.


In a small Wisconsin town, a boy named Timmy knew the score.

He had asked Santa for a gun so no one would pick on him anymore.

It fired in the sack, leading to this great uproar.

The lesson: Don’t ask for a gun for Christmas; it could send Santa to war








  1. good lesson, better satan brings only gifts to the good kids who never ask for a pew-pew...

  2. We say don't get a gun for Christmas. Or at any other time of year.
    Nobby and Gail.

  3. What a wise message and we agree with Nobby that you shouldn't get a gun for any reason.

  4. We all remember The Christmas Story when Ralphie got a bb gun... no good came from that
    Hugs Cecilia


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