Thursday, February 29, 2024

Poetry Thursday


“I’m on vacation,” I shouted in fear

While bouncing on an inflatable raft

As my wife, on the bank, dry and safe, laughed.

Then taunted me by shouting: “Make sure you hold on tight dear.”


It was my choice to go rafting on the while water.

My wife prefers vacations that are relaxing;

Now I bouned up and down while my sack hug

On a rope line threatening my ability to have a daughter.


I should have known when I booked a vacation with a company called Crash and Drown.

My wife insisted I would enjoy being on the beach sleeping in the sun

But I insisted that would not be fun.

“You won’t last a minute on the raft,” she said with a frown.


 “Oh, he of little faith.” I snapped back.

Now I felt like I had been forsaken by my God,

And I was nothing but a fraud.

The proof was pooling on the bottom, a smelly puddle of my yak.


The instructor insisted I don’t lose my oar.                   

But we hit a rock and it snapped out of my hands.

“You stupid fool, we’re doomed,” the instructor said trying to stand.

Then he fell off the boat and went under the waves, not an instructor anymore.


Finally we rafters worked as a team, and we all did scream.

Before us was a boulder shiny and black.

Which we hit with a mighty smack

And five strangers hit the water praying to be saved by a river submarine.


In the water, spinning out of control, I tired to avoid the rocks

My mouth full of water

The river leading me to slaughter.

And floating next to me was the ghost of Ronnie Cox.


Then a heavenly hand appeared in reach

It was my life.

There to save my life,

And once I was ashore she said: “Next year we go to the beach.”



  1. We think the poet should listen to his wife. It's always the right thing to do.

  2. Whoa, that is quite the poem!! Full of scary stuff and giggles, too!!
    Yes, lets hope they find a nice quiet beach for the next time!

  3. We're glad the rafter was saved and we bet he won't mind going to the beach next year.

  4. HA! The beach sounds much better to me too!

  5. We loved your poem but we have to agree that the beach would be much more relaxing and fun!

  6. Definitely I am a fan of fun YET VERY safe vacations.
    Your poem purrfectly expressed the photo
    Hugs Cecilia


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