Friday, April 12, 2024

Foley's Tails from Rainbow Bridge: About that eclipse


All I wanted was a new bench for my chambers.

I ordered it from Judges’r’us and paid a premium to have it delivered. My mistake was hiring three bears movers without reading their motto: “You pack it, we break it and blame someone else.”

Luckily, they did not break my new bench. They just used their wings to bring it to the roof and left it there.

We were working late. I had my old bench removed that morning and I was facing being like the 1984 Cincinnatti Reds without their recently retired Hall of Fame catcher: Benchless.

The only way to get my bench to my courtroom was to have Pocket and River move it. They both balked, saying it was too heavy, but nothing is too heavy fan an angel, except eating a half dozen chocolate donuts before bed.

I told them to put it on their backs and slowly fly down to my office window where I would wait. They complained it was too bulky to move, but I told them they could do it.

I ran down to my office, looked out the window, and saw they couldn’t do it. They had lost control of the bench, which was rising, with them on top of it, to the sun.

Then I got a call from Ruby saying her Dallas friends told her that it suddenly became dark in the middle of the day, and I realized my sister had moved the bench in front of the sun.

Slowly, spreading across the heartland of America, my sisters, and my bench were causing an eclipse. The humans, not willing to accept two smallish dog angels, moving another one’s judge’s bench, could turn day to night.

Then over the Atlantic, my sisters dropped my desk into the ocean, and then tried to blame me, saying I should have known what would happen.

I ordered another bench and made sure neither bears nor dogs were allowed to move it.

The good news was that all the cases before me the next day were contested by angels too consumed with the eclipse to notice I was making my rulings behind a pool table.

Another in my long line of judicial embarrassments,



  1. Ah, so now I know the real reason for last week's eclipse! 😁

  2. Everyone has to work with what they've got.

  3. Well shame on me I missed your poem but am caught up now they always amuse me. Foley you had a angel's eye view of the eclipse
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. We thought the moon was why it got dark, but now we know it was your new desk. BOL!

  5. Dang, you need a good bench press to get things ironed out!

  6. Odd how an eclipse caused by a bench delivery gone wrong was predicted so far in advance. Perhaps one to explain next week?

  7. It must have been just a leg of your bench that flew by here because it didn't get too dark at all. Maybe next time Angel Lightning could help with that delivery - he was very strong:)

    Woos - Misty and Timber


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