Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pocket and the picture she doesn't want you to see

Hi, Pocket here. Ssshhh! I don’t want my Mommy and Daddy to know where I am. No, I didn’t do anything silly like my sweet friends Roland and Savannah and go on the lam, I don’t even know any lambs, except for Lamb Chop, and I always found her to have a hand up her butt.

No, I’m hiding because I thought I saw Mommy with the camera. I don’t want to have my picture taken anymore. I’m like Suri Cruise. But cute.

I know you heard Foley’s version of our earlier tries at picture taking. We don’t agree often, but when Mommy’s and Daddy’s are picture happy even the most cantankerous of sisters need to stand together and squint at the bright light that keeps FLASHING! FLASHING! FLASHING!

Look, I’m a good dog. I have my faults: Confusing the bathroom and living room, barking at the wind, accepting PAC money during my campaign, but I try to do the right thing.

But I do not want to be wearing what I am wearing in the picture anymore. Now I am going to show you the picture but you must swear you are not going to laugh at me.

OK here it is.

You’re laughing. I can hear you. I can hear you Cali and Hurley and I’m way over here on the other coast. Man. You guys promised.

I hate those ears. First of all they aren’t the type of thing a serious dog about town who is going to become a famous politician should wear. Second of all they pinch my wiggly ears. I don’t like having my wiggly ears pinched.

But even without the antlers of doom I am just tired of sitting and posing and looking. I just want to be left alone.

Mommy and Daddy said they were done taking pictures. They were viewing them on this picture frame thing they have. Picture after picture of me in antlers. It was like Tiger Woods lying in the road seeing his entire life flash before his eyes if he was born Thanksgiving morning.

Hopefully by the weekend we will have the actual card pictures up for you to see, and maybe some outtakes too. But if they bring out their camera again we are downloading ourselves to Chelsea’s and Ashton’s house because their Mom is smart enough not to send Christmas cards to anyone.

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