Friday, June 4, 2010

Foley's blog on Nana's song ending and a bad night

Hi friends. Another tough night for us. Mommy and Daddy went out around bed time and didn't come back until almost sun rise. I told Pocket it was because Nana's song was ending. But Nana stabilized over night and Daddy made the decision to end the vigil and let everyone try to get a few hours sleep. Nana's doctor called this morning to say she was still stable and not in pain. They have done everything they can medically do, except for an operation where they would remove her colon and Nana told the surgeon yesterday "To what end?" The C-diff infection she has been fighting since March finally got the upper hand and began to eat a holes through her intestines. When Mommy and Daddy got home last night Pocket and I were very worked up because they had been out so late and were giving off bad aura. They finally fell asleep, helped by my generous licks, even though they didn't seem to think so. Then, at 5:20, Mommy fell right out of bed. She hit her jaw on the end table and scraped her arm. This got us all worked up again. Then at 8:00 the mother of all thunderstorms rolled through. There was about ten minutes of straight thunder and lightning strikes that shook the ground. I think some frogs fell from the sky too.The lights when out too. Well that was it for Pocket and me. She was trembling, I was licking, and Mommy and Daddy weren't sleeping. So Friday was a day of very high highs and sky low lows. Mommy and Daddy are a little zombified this morning. We are lined up on the recliner on Mommy's left. We hope they don't need to go out again tonight but probably will. If you want to offer prayers just ask that she stay comfortable and she crosses to the bridge when she is summoned. Thank you all

Epilogue: Nana passed to the bridge at 2:15 EST. She was my favorite Nana. I will miss her

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