Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ruger and Daddy are our June 20, 2010 Pups of the Week

It seems like someone has wanted to take a wrecking ball to our little brigade as spring bloomed. The weasels wanted our money. We met this challenge by raising more than twice as much we we needed. Then our beloved members started going to the bridge: Kenya, Pepsi, and some friends still entrapped in the Princess' castle. Holy gosh it even affected our humans as Mommies, Daddies, Grampies and Grannies all became ill or assigned to be our kibble bearers at the bridge.

What we needed was good news, a rebirth if you will. As Pocket and I scoured the Internet in search of sunlight breaking over someones new day the blogs did not hold much promise. Then we switched to the photo page.

"I have found it!" Dr. Pocket said (I should mention Pocket gave a commencement speech at f a local graduation and earned an honorary doctorate. I do not believe she has had any proper schoolin'.) "Ruger married his Mom!"

"Ewweeee!" I said. "That's just not right!" But then I read the captions. Neither Ruger or Daddy married their Mom. Daddy Mo did. He is the luckiest Mo since the guy on the Simpson's who got rich serving Homer his Duff beer.

I must admit my friends, at first I was jealous because I don't know any of us who have been able to go to their Mommy's wedding because if they had got a dog first most of them would never have gotten married. But then I looked at how beautiful Ruger's Mommy was in her dress, how handsome Daddy Mo was in his tux, and how proud Ruger and Daddy looked at they accompanied Moe to see Mommy, and then the look of joy on Ruger's face when she saw them all done up like they were going to the Cotillion.

That is when I realized that Ruger and Daddy had provided for us exactly what we needed, a fun, beautiful day together, as Daddy Moe marries their Mom and becomes a member of the Brigade. So, for giving us a big reason to smile, for letting us be a part of your family and posting pictures so we can see your pretty Mom in her dress, and for giving us reason to celebrate you are our well deserved Pups of the Week.

A perfect choice for this is Daddy's Mo's first father's day. Hope you boys treated him well.

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