Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thank you Aunt Connie and Zoe Boe

We got a wonderful gift in the mail. Our Aunt Connie, Zoe Boe's Mom, sent us the original drawing of our profile picture of us dressed up like the Pupranos. She has also provided us with Foley dressed as the King of Pop, Foley eating and Pocket pooping. They take up a very prominent position in our dining room by the fish. They are the most prized art work in our house.

If you haven't done so you should contact Aunt Connie about doing a picture. Last year Daddy hired her to do a picture of his Mommy and Papa. It was was wonderful and Nana's face beamed with joy. Poor Nana hasn't had much joy lately. She had something called a double bypass. Then her chest filled up with fluid. Then she had a hole put in her throat. Then that got better and she got an infection called C-Diff. The hospital, which did not do a very good job of it, called THE NEW BEDFORD REHABILITATION HOSPITAL, which we will not name, gave her the medicine she needed then decided she was cured. So they stopped giving her the medicine. Well the infection was still there, and it ate a hole in her colon, and caused her to go into septic shock. This morning Daddy was sure she was going to the bridge. But somehow today her kidneys began working again, her heart rate settled, and her doctor said he was "cautiously optimistic." She is one tough Nana. One thing I know for sure is she will not be going to that hospital that we will not mention THE NEW BEDFORD REHABILITATION HOSPITAL.

And then there is poor Mommy. Tomorrow she is going to visit that C word doctor. She felt something that shouldn't be there when she was examining herself. She is trying to be brave but I know she is scared. I know she is scared because I'm scared. Please say a little prayer for her. Mommy and Daddy are wearing faces that say that they are not worried but they are giving off worried vibes. It's probably nothing but troubling, so help us make our troubles go away.

Plus my friend from our condo place, Elwood, of the Lhaso Apso Jake and Elwood Blues Brothers, went to the bridge Saturday. I didn't find out until today. He had been sick for awhile. Please welcome him Bridge friends.

So I'm sorry there were not a lot of smiles in this post, but we just need some help for now, I'm sure things will turn out just fine. They usually do for Monsters. With friends like you, and the wonderful Aunt Connie, how can we go wrong>


  1. Sending love and warm thoughts and prayers your way for your entire family. We whuff you so much. MacDougal (and Mommy)

  2. Aunt Connie and Zoe sent us two drawings. One of Teddy in his tuxedo and the babies in the other... Saving up nickels and dimes to get the perfect framing job done on them...

    but yes, Foley and Pocket, we're praying for your whole family, especially Nana and Mommy... love you guys!


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