Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pepsi is our June 13, 2010 pup of the week

I doubt very much that this will be very good, nor do justice to our most treasured friend, Pepsi the proud, loyal beagle who would not leave her beloved Mommy's side, but wasn't given the choice. Her ticket to
the bridge arrived, and despite her many protests, she was forced to leave.

We found out about her Mommy's tragedy this morning. We refer to it as her Mommy's tragedy because Pepsi is at the bridge. She is mourning the loss of her Mom, but she has so many friends there, and
life is so simple, the air so sweet, the food so flavorful, the water so cold, and all pains gone, that, while she frets over her Mom, she is in a place where worries and woe are snuffed out as soon as they arise.

But for those she left behind the pain grips our heart, water drips from our eyes and dog and Mom stick close together, today more than ever, enjoying and savoring the warmth of each other's body. As much pain as
we are in, her Mom's pain must be unimaginable.

Most of us, who aren't lost, believe in a higher power, and believe that higher power is a force for good. But sometimes that power does things that leave us befuddled and questioning his wisdom. We could understand Pepsi's Mom being sick, lots of our Mom's have been sick. But Pepsi had her heart. And now it's gone. I'm just a little dog. I try to understand things. I just don't know why Aunt Gina has had so much pain. Pocket and I
would like to take that pain, chase it up a tree, then circle it growling so it didn't come back down. But you can't chase pain up a tree. Pain holds it's ground.

What we can do is take these little black buttons, with the white letters on them, and try to press
them to create words, and to string these words together to make sentences that convey our feelings and, with the guide of that power that has befuddled us, bring comfort to our poor Aunt Gina's heart.

These little machines, with the buttons with the letters that make words, can be used for so many different things, some of them very bad, but also some good. I know I don't have to ask, because it is already going on,
our TB friends, and Mommy's Facebook friends are doing it right, trying to reach across the galaxy to try to convey our pain, and express our love.

Fare thee well, my good friend Pepsi, our Pup of the Week, our Princess of the Brigade, our Queen of Doggyspace. You will live in more hearts than you ever met. You will be kept in our hearts for a long time. We will now share in your earthly duties: to comfort your Mom, to make her feel loved, to keep her safe, and while the loneliness inside you yearns for a reunion, we are sorry, but we are going to do every thing in our power to get her to stay with us as long as possible, and to help her take care of the other pups in your pack, and many more pups to come.

I am so sorry that Pepsi got called to the Bridge Aunt Gina. We all love you. We all pray for you. Today may have been the Brigade's most difficult day. You can put out a candle, but you can't put out a fire: No matter what life throws at us, we will stand like a stone wall, strong and firm, there for one another, with the
strength of a stonewall. A strength built on love.

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  1. This is a beautiful tribute. I'm sure Gina will appreciate it very much. Love, Blazer


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