Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kolchak and Felix are our pups of the week for June 6, 2010

Whew! This week has sucked more than a runaway vacuum with an airplane engine installed. When the tide turns against us and the vacuum begins to run wild we need to seek the two basic nutrients of existence: food and laughter. This week Kolchak and Felix were kind enough to provide them for us.

First, the Tanner Brigade leading scholars in the field of humor went to the canine library and found every pup related joke eve translated from bark to man. They then furiously edited them to present the first ever greatest blog of of dog humor. And now, if anyone wants to access it, they must join our Brigade, and we shall charge them through the snout for the privilege, then celebrate their contributions with much mead and grog. Or kibble and bits. It's up to you guys.

Speaking of kibble and bits, if their contribution to our site was not enough, on the very next day, Kolchak and Felix were researching again. But no dusty library for our boys on this day, they investigated Mommy's kitchen. Behind the pots and pans they found Mommy's recipes for wonderful meals and treats. As soon as they clicked publish you could hear the howl of Brigade members begging their Moms to whip up some of these delicious confections for our little tummies. Your Mommy is certainly our Top Chef.

So a big tip of the tail to you Kolchak and Felix. You know the Yorkie secret. That when you are a loss for barks do your darndest to leave everyone smiling. That is why I am such a talented wordsmith and Pocket is a clown. And the second secret, if that doesn't work, leave them with a full tummy. And just for the record, I am humbled by your complimenting my writing because you my friend wield a mean pen yourself.

And that is why you two are our pups of the week.

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