Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fella is Foley Monster's June 23, 2013 Pup of the Week

What do you do when you are a male singer and you find yourself a member of the Supremes, always pushed to the background by the females in your group?   That was the life of the sweet, gentlemanly Fella, who became my first friend to join me after my arrival at the Bridge.  The reason was he could no longer stay with his beloved family was because of kidney failure.

Fella was in the background as first Bella, then Hattie Mae, Smartie, and later in life Jackie Lynn, took center stage loudly singing their songs.  Not only was he always supportive to his sisters, especially Jackie Lynn, but he was a wonderful companion to his Mom Darla and her husband Elvis.

Fella did have one claim to fame, and it is the greatest claim to fame that anyone can have.  It was love.  Fella loved Saffron.  Their friends followed their love story every day.  Unfortunately when Saffron’s Mom Jackie went to the Bridge much too early both Saffron, with no one to speak for her, and Fella, too broken hearted to bark, were no longer heard from, their voices very much missed

I can tell Fella’s parents about his adventures here at the Bridge.  One of my new duties is to swear in dogs who come to my district of the Bridge.  I got a cloud mail saying I was needed and to bring my Pawble.  I was a little aggravated, having so much of my day taken up with trying to sustain hope and faith in my parents, when I went to the top of the stairs next to District One Official Greeter Ladybug and looking down I saw Fella.   I totally broke protocol running down the stairs and giving him a kiss hug and a kiss.  (I was never good at protocol.)

After the swearing in, Ladybug doing her magic, and all the dogs greeting him, our friends parted and there was Smartie and Bella.  Fella ran up to them, pawed at them, kissed and nipped them, but he still seemed distracted, looking past them until he saw them.

Standing together, looking young, beautiful and strong were Sage, Saffron's brother and his mother Jackie.  Fella ran at him as Sage broke from his Mom and he ran at Fella and they both stood on their back legs and hugged and  and all the dogs in my district stood and cheered.

I gave them a cloud with fertile land and they have started their worm farm.  They are very happy together.  If you happen to see a random worm squirming around and you don’t know where it came from know that it is one of Sage’s and Fella’s worms that slipped off a cloud.

And Fella wanted his parents to know he loves them very much and misses them.  Thank you for giving him a wonderful home and such beautiful sisters.  Hold the good memories close and he will always be with you, in your heart, and just in the corner of your eyes.

Also I want Roxanne’s parents to know that she is very thankful for the wonderful life she was given by them, and she is happy and pain free now.  And, when they hear the wind howl, listen closely, and they will hear Roxanne howling right outside their window.

Little Guido is here too and he wants Boudica’s Mom and all those who tried to help him to know he is very thankful but it was not meant to be.  He wants you all to keep trying to help helpless pups.  He has been adopted by Pepsi’s Mom Gina. She takes in a lot of homeless pups here to repay Tommy’s Dad for being so kind as to give Freddie Girl a home.

There are clouds up there where all three are living, and stars that shine at night showing their souls.  Hopefully, someday, all that love them will take some comfort in that.


  1. I sent you a pm on Fb, this is very sad. Dodie Ricca

  2. Wow Foley you sure are busy up in the clouds and you have lots of friends. We know passing on those messages will bring great comfort. We miss you here but we know you will continue to weave your magic up in the stars. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Hi Foley.....Mommy told me that whenever she sees a cloud now, she thinks about you. The Bridge sure has been a busy place lately. I nose you have your paws full but I hope you get some time fur fun too. And thank you fur your great reports. I know they bring lots of comfort to the human peeps that are still left here.

  4. Wanta say Hi Pocket, see you came by about the auction, glad to meet you, wish we had know Foley Monster! Enjoy the good stories from the bridge!

    The Mad Scots

  5. Oh Foley, that was a wonderful message of love you sent down from the Bridge for those loved ones left behind.

    We miss you sweetie!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  6. What nice words and memories
    Benny & Lily


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