Friday, June 7, 2013

Two Sad Blogs in One (By Foley: My Song in Ending) (By Pocket: "A Single Heartbeat" Foley Update)

Foley is currently in intensive care in a hospital.  She wrote the first blog yesterday and Pocket wrote an update today.

My Song is Ending:  By Foley Monster

Hi my sweet, wonderful, loyal friends.  Although I don't have a specific time frame I am afraid my song will be ending much sooner than I had planned.  I have an enlarged heart, which is quite ironic, since my friends have always said I have a big heart.  I have an ultrasound for tomorrow and then my parents will see if I can be treated medically.  I am going to try and hang on for as long as I can but it's the little things we take for granted, like breathing, that has been my downfall.  I was up all night because I am having such trouble getting air that if I lay down I can't breathe.  Mommy and Daddy have very teary eyes today.  I have to be separated from them for most of day tomorrow until I get my ultrasound and then we will find out how much more of my song I can sing.  Don't pray for me, I am the mini Monster, and I will always be with my friends, online, in your dreams, there forever more, but pray for my parents, who can barely function on good days, and for Pocket, who is going to have to rebuild their hearts.  All songs end, no matter how beautiful, I don't know if mine will be in weeks, months, or in a couple of years, but I have enjoyed singing it to all of you, and to my beloved Mom, and will keep doing so until that big paw comes to me from the sky and leads to to the Bridge and the Land of Never Ending Tomorrows.  Until that day comes I am determined to keep you smiling with my earthly adventures, and after that to keep you smiling with adventures from another realm.  Keep smiling friends, every day with our parents is a gift, and we need to enjoy them. 

A Single Heartbeat:  Pocket's Update on Foley's Condition

Hi my wonderful friends, it’s Pocket Dog.  I wish it wasn’t.  I wish it was Foley barking at you to say that she is home, fine, and aced that test, unfortunately I can’t do that right now.

Last night Foley’s breathing became very labored.  Mommy and Daddy had one of those conversations that humans have without speaking.  The conversation basically said “This isn’t good.  What should we do?  If she is going pass tonight I would rather she did it with us in bed then it a hospital.  I agree.”  

Foley made it to morning and went to the vet’s.  She was immediately taken and put into an oxygen tent.  Once she had stabilized she was given an x-ray that confirmed what was obvious, that her heart was failing.

Now the doctors are trying to determine if her heart is strong enough to be treated with medicine.  She told me through the mental connection us sisters have that if it is she will be home on Monday, and if it isn’t, she says the Lord only gives us so many heartbeats and if she has reached her limit then there is nothing anyone can do about it.  She is sure that your prayers, and your love, have added to her heartbeats, and she loves you all.

She also asked me something before she left.  She asked what the loudest sound in the world was.  I said her farts.  But she said no.  It’s a single heartbeat.  Heartbeats fade to the background during our daily lives, but, when you return home, as Mommy and Daddy did today without Foley, and you don’t hear that heartbeat anymore, you realize the sound of a single heartbeat is louder and more beautiful than 1,000 piece symphony orchestra.

Oh how we miss that heartbeat.  Oh how we long to hear it within these walls again.  It was the most beautiful song I ever heard.  I didn’t realize it until it was gone.

I know Foley asked you not to pray for her, but I am not as modest, in fact I am darn needy, and I need to hear the symphony again.  That heartbeat symphony.
Play on my big sister, my world, my life, Mommy’s angel, Daddy’s best friend, play on.


  1. We wanted to let you know that we are praying for all of you right now! Foley, we love you and totally understand where you are coming from. We hope that they can find some medicine to help you tho.

    Your song will always be heard in the heart's of those who love you!

    Sending strength to your family during this difficult time.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. We need many more refrains to be sung.

  3. My Domeek and I are crossing our paws and fingers hoping that the heart medicine will give Foley lots more time and beats!! Pocket, make sure that you send lots of licks over to your Sis and give your Mom and Dad lots of love and comfort! Thinking about you guys!!

  4. We need a truckload of tissue at our house right now. We had no idea. Our family has been in exactly the same situation facing the same diagnosis with our sweet Angel.

    Prayers do work and we are praying very hard for Foley. Your family and your furiends are not ready to say goodbye.

    Stay strong. We are here for you.

  5. Mom and all of us are tearing up over this. It's just never enough time, no matter what. We are praying so very hard that Foley Monster's heart can be helped with medication so she can keep singing her song a bit longer...and praying for your whole family for the strength to get through this. We love you all.

  6. So sad. We're tearing up, too.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. We are reading this with tears in our eyes. We do not know what to write. Your are all in our thoughts and prayers. Our paws are crossed as tight as can be and we send big love and a truck load of POTP.
    Best wishes always Molly

  8. WE are really sad Foley we are praying. We love you.

  9. Cried when I read this. Huge hug for Mom.

  10. oh my Dog, I am crying, my heart is breaking for you guys. I've been through this, there is nothing worse. Lots of love to you all.

  11. Oh no!
    I am think of you all and Foley...

    So is Floydie, we are all sending you our thoughts and best wishes...

  12. We're so sorry to read this. We're sending our purrs, woofs and best wishes to Foley.