Saturday, June 15, 2013

Here Comes Da Judge! Heres Comes the Judge!

Hello my wonderful friends it is I the Foley Monster, but now I have by a new title, The Honorable Foley Monster First Superior Court Judge at Rainbow Bridge.  That’s right my friends, I got summoned to the Bridge to be a Judge.  You would think here, where every dog has everything they could ever want that there would be no need for a Judge, but you’d be wrong.  Angel dogs get into as many scraps as human dogs.  It’s just that there is no fighting allowed here.  So the angels come before me and I render a decision.  It’s a pretty sweet deal.  Most of the disputes are about things that happen, or are happening, in the human world.  Things like who’s Mom loved who the best.  Luckily my reputation preceded me and my rulings a considered just and fair.  Who knew?

What was hard was getting here.  Whoever that human was who said dying was easy, comedy is hard was nuts.  I can make you laugh with a fart joke.  But dying:  That sucked.  I was stuck in this little box for more than two days and I hated it but if they took me out I couldn’t breathe.  I missed Mommy and Daddy.  I even missed Pocket.  Leo stayed with me.  He is such a sweet boy.  I really would have suffered without him keeping me calm.  McKinsie, Megan and Promise were with me from the Bridge in case I needed to pass over.  It was crowded in there

When I was told I has to go to the Bridge I argued, but when it was explained that I was needed there, and that everyone would take care of Pocket and my parents, I could not refuse.  I got to be held by Mommy and Daddy once again,  I can still feel their loving arms around me, I got a little shot, and then McKinsie, Megan and Promise guided me to the Bridge and we flew right over.

And there it was, in front of me.  Stairs!  Lots and lots of stairs!  Who designed this?  Five minutes ago I was lying in an oxygen cave and now I have to climb stairs?  This place should be called Rainbow Stairs!  Only reason is somebody couldn’t come up with a rhyme for stairs.  Megan put me down and told me that I had to climbs, and I began, slowly, and with each step I saw more of my friends, and my heart grew faster and stronger, and my breathing became easier, and at the top of the stairs Ladybug waited for me with my wings.

She put my wings on and then every dog applauded like I was Chewbacca at the end of the First Star War movies (the first one made, not the first one in story order, I am technically undead so don’t argue with me fanboys.)  Ladybug said they had not had a turnout like this for an arrival in a long time.  I was hopping around saying hi to Tanner, Sierra, PJ, Casey, Apollo, so many other friends, that I lost control and I started flying around like the fat kid learning to work his broom in Harry Potter.  Ladybug and Megan and her sisters got me under control and soon as I flying around like a Seeker.  (No, we don’t play Quidditch.  Move on fanboys.)

I was then led to another part of the Bridge where the humans live.  My Aunt Bev was the first to meet me.  She has always been in so much pain during my life that I never had  chance to play with her, but now we did, running along the river together and playing catch.  It was so wonderful to play with her.  Then I turned around and my heart caught in my throat.  Sitting together, looking at me, and smiling, was Sage and his Mom Jackie Pool.

I went over to her and gave her a big hug.  Then Sage and I began to run around like young pups and Aunt Jackie clapped her hands in delight.  Coming up and joining us was Pepsi, and then I went running over Aunt Gina.  I made sure to tell Aunt Gina and Aunt Jackie how much everyone left behind on Earth love them.

By the time the sun set on the Bridge I had met so many friends I was tuckered out.  My castle on a cloud was still being built so I bunked with Ladybug.  I did miss my Mommy but it’s funny missing people here, you do for a second, and it hurts a bit, but it was like getting a shot, there was a little prick, and it was gone.  (Later on during the week I asked the management to let me feel the pain Mommy was feeling.   They said yes, but I could only stand the pain for a few seconds before I asked them to stop.  Poor Mommy.)

So I will still be popping up now and then, your faithful Rainbow Stairs, I mean Rainbow Bridge correspondent.  From up here I can visit all my puppy friends in their dreams, I can spend time with my friends here, and I can better judge who will receive the prestigious Foley Monster Pup of the Week award.  And I will still answer questions but now it will be called “Ask Angel Foley.”l

Please watch over my left behind family.  I love you all.  Someday we’ll all be together, and we will walk in the sun, but until then keep me in your heart, see me in my dreams, and please keep reading my little thoughts, so I can live in this world of never ending tomorrows, and the world of questionable tomorrows, forever.

See you in your dreams my friends.


  1. Awwhh made me cry. Foley give Emmy a kiss for me.

  2. Foley, you will always be in our heart in our world forever <3

  3. Foley make sure you tell Gizzy his Mom and Dad miss him terribly

  4. Angel Foley Judge Foley we sure do miss you. I have a request could you please watch over my Roxanne? You know her as one of the bassets from DS. She is very sick and if the time comes she may need help getting to the bridge.Please tell all of our Rainbow Bridge furiends we miss them.

  5. Hi Judge Foley (BOL)...Amber here! The peeps have been gone all day and left us all alone. This is the ONLY post I can comment on tonight but I had to ask you if you have the power to judge the peeps on Earth who dare to leave us alone all day....and probably all day on Sun-Day too! The nerve of them!!!! And I'm sure you court at the Bridge will be pretty busy. One of the FURst pups you will have to judge is my Sissy, Angel. I'm pretty sure she's still breaking all the rules at the Bridge just like she did here. But here she always got away with it.

    Ok...gotta to get my dinner now (and do you know it's already after 9PM?) Another broken law by the peeps. I expect to eat a lot earlier than 9PM!!!!!

    If you talk to your Mom tonight, tell her that my Mom (who's sitting here sniffling again) will answer her email probably on Monday when things calm down around here!

    Sending you lots of huggies, Foley!

  6. Foley I am very happy that you have such an important job at the Bridge and that we can still depend on hearing from you - your wisdom. Hope you've had as much fun as Reba told me you guys have been having and know that you all will ALWAYS be in our hearts. Linda, Reba's Mom.

  7. Angel Judge Foley, what an important job you have!! You will clever be loved and missed down here. I hope my Holly, Bo and Mickey were there to welcome you. Please tell them their mom Judy loves them and thinks of them every day. <3

  8. Please, oh, Please seek out Bond, Ted Bond, and tell him his mommy misses him terribly but I know you two are going to have more adventures together!!! Mom did say she's glad your advice blog will continue and I say "YAY"! Well, I sneaked in here... I'd better get back before I'm missed... Love you, Angel Foley!

  9. I laughed. I cried and then I laughed again reading this post. Stay with us always, precious one.

  10. If anyone can get things under control there, it's you Judge Foley. So happy to hear you are doing well, all the Brigade'ers are here for your parents and Pocket! Glad to hear you were able to meet up with some familiar ones up there. Maybe by the time Trixie and Chopper are ready to make the climb you can order an escalator?? Keep us posted as much as you can Judge Foley, the best Angel! Love you!!

  11. Oh, you sweet Judge you! I love hearing about your adventures at the Bridge...please, say Hi to Patches, King, Max, Cujo, Susie, Taffy, Max (again)...well, you get the idea. We're taking really good care of your Mommy, Daddy and Pocket with our prayers and chats and such. Love you so much, and look forward to hearing from you! Puppy wags and nose nudges from Sarah Jane.

  12. That is a fitting job for you Foley and we know you are watching over your peeps. We are praying for them and they are in our thoughts too. Take care little one.
    Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  13. Wow, what an important job (for an important pup)! Thank you for letting us all know you are doing well up at the Bridge...we have been thinking of you and know your mommy, daddy, and Pocket have been, know.... Glad you can watch over them from up there. Please say "hi" to our Angel Chance and tell him he is missed terribly. We look forward to your future stories in your blogSpot!

  14. Oh Foley, Mommy said it's so hard to comment because she can't see thru all the water leaking out of her eyes.

    So..... Just know that we miss you very much.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

    p.s. If you happen to see my Grandma H. up there, please sit in her lap for a few minutes. She always gave us the BEST back scratchies and I know she would love to give you one too. Tell her we all miss her like crazy.

  15. Sweet angle Foley we sure do miss you!!! Thank you for watching over all of us.we hope you got to meet our angles Pericous and the wonderful copper topper mom still misses them both.I bet copper still walks and walks after mom released her from the create here on earth she would walk all day and most of the night mom still here's thoes tip taps sometimes and she looks to see but no copper will be their.but mom knows the 3 years she had with us out of that puppy mill and out of that create where happy days and we know she loved us for she fought so hard to stay could you please tell her we love her and miss her very much.Foley we will take good care of your mom and dad and Ms.pocket to.nubby nubbies you paw Anna Nicole

  16. We are so happy to know that you will stay with us in spirit. We were a little afraid (just a tiny little bit) that you'd get so caught up in all the fun up there that you'd forget about us down here. If you can get a good word in with the big guy up there, can you help JuJu? Her seizures are fairly controlled but her heart murmur is getting worse and she is slowing down. We can use extra help from above. We understand that you'll be busy looking after your family, so anything you can do will be appreciated. Thanks, sweet Angel Foley! We love you! And our love to your wonderful family for staying strong! - Pepper, JuJu, and Mom Cathy