Friday, June 21, 2013

Not Sure I am Ready For This by Pocket Dog

Hello my sweet friends, it is I, Pocket Dog.  Oh boy.  Can I confide something in you guys?  I’m not sure I am ready for this.

Foley used to tell me that she would be going to the Bridge someday, but I never really believed her.  Foley?  Going to the Bridge?  Didn’t seem possible to me.  She was here bossing me around on my Gotcha Day and I thought she’d be here bossing me around on my Bridge Day,

Even when she told me she was sick and didn’t know if her song was ending I thought it was a trick.  I figured that she would wait for me to make a mistake then come walking in the door and say “ah-hah I told you that you couldn’t manage things!”  She can still do this, but only from the Bridge when I am asleep, so I have been trying not to go to sleep and man am I tired.

When I do sleep she visits me and mostly she tells me I’m doing a good job.  I certainly am trying.  I don’t want to be any trouble for Mommy and Daddy.  I am keeping with my housebreaking and eating all my food.  I can sense when Mommy and Daddy are feeling badly so I make sure I come over and snuggle with them.   I lick Mommy’s tears and I stay nice and calm.  Mommy says that I am the perfect dog for her right now.   I will never be a Foley Monster but I can be like the big red blanket that used to be on the floor in our bedroom, a Foley Monster comforter.

But I am going to need all your help.   You have been doing a great job so far with the cards, and the presents, and the flowers.  It is impossible to imagine a better group of friends then I have.  Our little house is turning into a Foley museum and that is fine with me.

Foley was always the voice of reason whenever there was a dispute going on, and the voice of comfort when she thought that someone had their feelings hurt, and I will try to do the same, but I am only five years old and have lots of learning to do, so, if you could all watch out for one another I appreciate it.  You guys are the best.

I know Foley is interviewing applicants for new dog.  She tells me that is no reflection on me.  Mommy and Daddy need a new dog to help heal their heart.  Foley wants me to be strong and firm with the new dog like she was.  I certainly hope I can do that.  Don’t want to let her down.  

Keep me in your thoughts my friends.  And have patience.  I’m doing the best I can.  Honest.


  1. We think you're up to the job. Just use Foley as an example.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. We know how hard it is and how the sadness can just come up out of nowhere and catch you off guard. We feel for you all and you are in our thoughts. We wish you well in finding a new addition and we hope that he/she will help you heal. We are always here.
    Best wishes Molly
    Thank you for your kind thoughts to Benny. His peeps are having a very hard time coping.

  3. Hey Pocket,
    We think you're doing a GREAT job taking care of your family. You're doing all the right things and at the right time too! Keep giving your Mom and Dad all the love in the world bcuz it's a very difficult time for them too. Foley is giving you good guidance from the Bridge.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  4. You'll do (and are doing) just fine, Pocket. Foley Monster will let you know in your dreams how you do.

  5. Oh're doing a wonderful job. And Foley knows it too...but you know how big sisters can be. They never tell you the truth. And just think...if Foley finds the perfect dog to send to your house, then YOU will be the big sister and YOU can be the boss! Just like Foley was to you.

  6. Pocket you will do fine, honestly you will. You already know when the two legged ones need comforting and what your job will be when the new four legged one comes along and Foley will help out from the Bridge as required! And it's ok to make mistakes, it's how we learn. You will be wonderful we just know it.




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