Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fonzie Tuxedo is our November 1, 2015 Pup of the Week

I was lying in the sun Thursday just soaking up the rays enjoying the day.  I love lying in the sun.  Then the sun went away.  At first I thought I had napped straight until night time but when I opened my eyes I saw it was a dark cloud:  A dark cloud of tears floating from the mortal side.
This happens when someone big passes over the River.  All the tears shed at the passing lift up into a cloud and floats towards us.  Soon it begins to rain cold tears as the cloud can no longer hold it’s content.
Then came the rumble of thunder caused by the wails of  humans giving voice to their grief.  I put my head down and weathered the storm then got my robe and book.  I went to the top of the stairs, dreading seeing which of my well loved friends had passed causing all this anguish.
The cries subsided, the rain lessened then stopped.  The sun shone brightly in my face and the angels began to howl in a beautiful melody.  I tried to look down the stairs to see who was approaching, but there was no one there.  Then I saw, rising above me, ascending towards the sky, my wonderful friend Pastor Fonzie Tuxedo bypassing the gathered angels and me, and flying high up to the Big Guy’s Mountain.
I understood.   Dogs as kind, loyal, faithful, inspiring and spiritual as the Fonz are not sworn in by mere Yorkie judges  They go straight to the Big Guy.
Fonzie was an inspiration to us all.  Along with his wonderful Mom he dedicated his life to providing faith and understanding to all his friends.  He always lent a paw of friendship to every pup.  He was the keeper of the faith, a true believer, our moral compass.  He helped his Mom save, find homes for, and transport hundreds of dogs.  There are so many pups and parents who owe their relationships to Fonzie and his Mom.  Thus the outpouring of tears and the wails of anguish that accompanied his passing.
My Mom has a knitted angel on a door in her house.  The angel was created lovingly by Fonzie’s Mom and sent to my Mom after my crossing over.  Whenever my Mom looks at the angel she thinks of me, and of Fonzie, and his wonderful Mom.  And Fonzie and his Mom have sent this gift to dozens of angel parents making their loss a little bit easier.  Hopefully we can all find a way to make Fonzie’s passing a little easier for his Mom.
Fonzie soon descended from the mountain.  He was wearing the whitest, most pure wings I had ever seen.  He fluttered above us gathered angels and then began to fly away.  We dutifully followed him until we came to a beautiful new church.  This, and the small house next to it, are Fonzie’s new home and preaching the good word to us his new duty.
We all fell silent as Fonzie began to preach and a great peace passed upon us.
While he will be terribly missed on the mortal side Fonzie has an endless supply of angels to preach to and improve their existence through his words.  
Fonzie is now immortal and his word shall never be silenced.


  1. We always read your Pup of the Week and it never fails to make us shed some tears, and hug our pugs harder. We are sure blessed to have these babies in our lives aren't we.
    stella rose's momma

  2. We loved your description of the passing. We can just imagine it.

  3. Every time one goes they leave behind a great big hole in our hearts. We are so blessed to have them as companions in our lives.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  4. Fonzie will forever be in our lives and hearts... May he add his gentle words and inspiration to those that encircle him now at The Bridge and forever be young..