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Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Visiting the Puppy Pool with Misha

There is a saying here at the Bridge:  “Your newest angel leads you to your next dog.”  An angel’s sworn duty upon arriving here is to determine when our grieving parents are ready for their next dog and then to find the perfect dog for them.
This is true if the next dog is adopted and it is true if the next dog is born.  The process of picking the dog is very different.  When it is an adoption angels drop into the dreams of available dogs, interviews them and find the perfect one.  When it is a puppy that means a road trip.
Misha, my friend from the Golden Girls, a beautiful yellow lab, asked me to go with her to find the perfect pup for her Mom.   A good angel never says no to a friend but I knew what this would mean:  A Visit to the Pool of Puppies.
Asking another dog to go to the Pool of Puppies with you is the equivalent of asking someone to help you move.  It’s going to take all day, you’re going to get messy, and at the end of the day the most you can hope for is a pizza.
To get to the Pool of the Puppies you have to go all the way to the source of the River of Life.  It opens up to a wide pool filled with thousand of puppies all squirming and fighting to reach the other side so they can be born.  When they saw Misha and me they all came running to us, knocking us over and licking and kissing us.  
We both tried to paw the puppies off of us but we were being smothered.  “Foley how do I know which one to pick?”  Misha asked.
“Pick the first one who came to you,” I said as every inch of my body was being licked.  
“They all came on me at once!” she barked.
It was like 50 Shades of Puppy.
“Then pick the one that stays the longest!” I barked.
Slowly the wet, slippery, sweet kissing puppies left us to go back into the pool waiting to be born.  I hoped that none of the dogs who jumped my bones would ever be among the unrescued.
Slowly the puppies climbed off of Misha.  It took longer because she is much bigger than me.  Finally Misha was lying on her back with one lone puppy still licking her and Misha held her with her paws and announced that this was the one for her Mom.  Misha then picked the puppy up in her mouth and sent her off to a litter Mom who could be found by his Mom and here that puppy, who will soon be on of the Golden Girls, is, with the rest of her litter mates.
tails from rainbow bridge.jpg
Misha and I, soaking wet with puppy drool, slowly squished our way back up to our homes.  Our hearts were beating rapidly, and we were both shaken.  A visit to the puppy pool was very taxing but if it makes her Mom happy it was well worth it.
When I got home I took a long bath to clean off the puppy juice then poured myself a nice Foletini  and bit into a nice slice of Misha supplied sausage pizza.
A new Golden Girl for Misha’s Mom and a sausage pizza.  Good deeds are rewarded.  


  1. We like this story! Mom is sure that Angel Greta had a hand in finding Mabel for her
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  2. I am sure angel Loki had a good laugh when he picked Hailey for us and angel Gemi gave me Phod to help my heart heal. We wonder if there is a kitten pool too!


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