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Tails From Rainbow Bridge: A Thanksgiving Feast

We had quite the dinner here at Rainbow Bridge.  We collectively gave thanks because our parents are healthy and safe and so many of our good friends have wonderful homes.  Then we feasted like we had not eaten in weeks (pretty much what a dog does everyday.)  This year, as part of their initiation to the Bridge, we asked all pups who arrived since last Thanksgiving to make their best dishes.
We began our meal, as we must begin all meals, with a blessing from Pastor Fonzie Tuxedo.  He spoke wonderful words that left us all truly touched and thankful for our eternal lives.  
Then Nitro, our newest angel, led us in a toast and announced that the feeding was about to commence.  
To wet our appetites Clint presented us with a lovely squirrel on a stick with a sweet sauce.  
To help clear our palates Scooby baked hundreds of cinnamon Scooby snacks and finished it off with some Great Dane kisses on the head for all of us.
It was now time for something exocitc.  Maya, our sweet German Shepherd friend, made us some Rote grutze.  It was a red pudding that looks like something we may have spit up but it was filled with  raspberries, strawberries and cherries and was delicious.
We didn’t ask Molly to cook.  That is because shortly before she joined us her Mom Sharron arrived.  She made us all bits of steak in a red wine sauce.  The steak melted in our mouth.  Sharron is one terrific cook.
This was followed by meatballs shaped like bulldogs.  Nigel made them with a blend of venison, duck and kangaroo.  They were venduckaroo balls and they were delicious.  And girls, Nigel was beyond cute in his chef’s cap.
Reyah is well known for her friendships with horses and we were a little worried about what she would bring but she brought a very tasty blend of oats and also provided horsie rides for all of us which was a nice break from our eating.  
Reyah handed us off to Logan who is also an expert horseman.   At the end of the ride Logan presented us some stunning Pacific Salmon with a lemon sauce that we all scarfed down quickly.  It was so good.
Then came our main course.  It was Blazer’s Famous Glazed turkey.  Oh my gosh it was so tender and juicy.  Blazer proved himself to be quite the chef.  Assisting Blazar with the cooking and providing us with a scrumptious kibble and raisin stuffing was Simon.  We gave them both a standing ovation.
After that we needed a break.  During so our friend from Blogville, Goose, son of a preacher, gave us our second blessing of the day.
We began another course  with a very stiff drink to whet our appetites and it was served by the most gentlemanly of dogs, Max, dressed in a tuxedo.  He gave us our sniffers of drinks with a kind word and a warm thought preparing us for more food.
It was time for dessert and we got cake.  Wedding cake to be precise.  It was cake left over from Aran and Wiley’s wedding.  Aran had married Wiley days before her passing over the Bridge and she had brought a lot of cake with her.  It was our honor to share it.
After the cake we were served delicious gelato by Mouse of the Min Pin Gang.  I had no idea that Mouse was such a great chef but he has turned into a real Ratatouille
Erin came in while we were eating our gelato.  She was known for her web design  Instead of doing a desert she lit up the entire area around us with Thanksgiving decorations and it was so beautiful it took our breath away.
Then Erin lifted a curtain and before us were dozens of beautiful paintings done by none other than Zoe Boe.  We stood and applauded her work and Erin’s.  Nothing is better than dinner and a show.
And now it was time for even more food.  We were going to say that we had no way to fit more but then gave in delicious sundaes from Otis Campbell’s ice cream shoppe.  Chocolate, hot fudge, bananas, gummy bears, they were incredible and every pup’s face was dripping ice cream when we were done.
And then, flying over us, sending off sparks everywhere with an amazing fireworks show was our Sheriff of Fun Angel Benjamin.
All that was left was cleaning off the tables.  Then we heard a might galloping and turned to see Brody jumping through the air and landing on the table,  He surfed across the table taking out all the glasses and plates, all the dishes and bowls and even the gravy boat.  He then landed on the grass amongst the shattered dining ware and he, aided by the great German Shepherd Daddy, ate all the leftover food.
It was a great Thanksgiving on the immortal side of life, hope you had a great one on the mortal side


  1. A beautiful image!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Did you get extra large tummies when you arrived at the Bridge?

  3. Wow,,, thats a lot of food!!! It must have smelled so wonderful, and taste so wonderful too!

  4. Fonzie was so very grateful to be included in this great Thanksgiving feast. And so very glad to re-unite with all his DS furiends who have passed to the RB bridge.


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