Sunday, November 8, 2015

Clint is our November 8, 2015 Pup of the Week

I last wrote about Clint in January 2014.  He was peeing more often and it was taking him longer to complete his business.   His parents were worried that it was diabetes or kidney disease.  Luckily it was only a urinary tract infection.  Soon Clint was fine and drama free, except for a midsummer mishap with his leg in a storm drain.
Twenty months later that urinary tract infection proved to be a harbinger of something worse.   And that is what brought my friend to me, over the River of Life, to the immortal side, where he was met by many friends who love him very much, and he was young again.
Before making his journey Clint was diagnosed with kidney disease.  His parents did everything they could.  They changed his diet and they kept getting his blood checked just as the vet had ordered.  But sometimes there is nothing that vets or parents can do.
Clint was a perfect gentleman.  He was very sweet and loving to everyone he met.  And he was extremely devoted to his parents, as they were to him.  His parents would spare no expense, or leave no stone unturned to return him to health, except for one, they would not let their little gentleman suffer.
Clint took his medicine like a good boy and easily adapted to his diet changes but he began vomiting his food and water.  On Halloween morning his Mom took him to the vet for some blood work to determine the cause of the vomiting and to receive an anti nausea shot and some fluid to ward off dehydration.  
He enjoyed Halloween night, which was one of his favorite holidays.  He loved seeing the costumed cuties coming to his door.  Sensing that his song was ending his parents wanted to make Sunday a special day for all of them  They took the RV out of storage and took Clint to a nearby state park where he could lay on the cool grass under a tree and enjoy all the sights and smells.  His Mom called it a perfect day.
The next morning his Mom got the fateful call.  Clint was taken to  the vet and held by his Mom while the doctor gave him the shot that began his journey to his friends on the immortal side of the River while she held him and told him he was loved and was a good boy.
After I swore Clint in, and he got his wings, he spent time with every pup who came to see him, thanking them for making the trip and asking how they were.  Clint had just lost his family but this handsome gentleman wanted to make sure he showed appreciated to every dog who came to see him.
Then he walked down the grassy knoll towards the River.  He found a grassy spot under a tree where he could look in the water and watch over his grieving family.  He told me he was going to wait there for many years, and watch his parents play with new pups, and give them love, until the day comes, far in the future, when they can join him under the tree, on the grass, and have an eternity of perfect days.


  1. SO sad for Clint's family.

  2. Clint, your pawrents loved you so much they gave you the ultimate gift of love
    You will all be together again someday
    Mr Bailey, hazel & Mabel

  3. Clint is in very good company. There are so many wonderful pups and kitties there to meet.

  4. Loving Clint in life and the ever-after.

  5. <3 Sweet Clint <3 from Ruby Rose

  6. <3 Sweet Clint <3 from Ruby Rose