Sunday, November 15, 2015

Minnie is our November 15, 2015 Pup of the Week

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Being an angel can be an exercise in frustration.  Most of the time all we can do is watch over our loved ones, carry prayers up the mountain to the Big Guy for them, and fret.  But occasionally we are able to directly help.
Which brings me to Minnie and her angels Max and Tupper.  Minnie has had a terrible month.  She developed a very itchy rash that would not respond to any treatment.   Antibiotic pills, salves, nothing her regular vet gave her worked.  Her Mom decided, after more than two weeks of Minnie suffering, to try a holistic approach.  
Minnie’s Mom changed her diet to home made which she hoped would help cure Minnie of her terrible rash (and Minnie’s brother Boris was the happy co-recipient of the home cooked meals.)  Making the food took their Mom a long time and cost more than then kibble but she is a Mom who would do anything for her sweet babies  
But, like all other attempts, the new diet did not work either.  The disease spread into her ears and all down her undercarriage.  He prescribed a new antibiotic a new ear medicine, a new pill, and most scary of all the “B” word that scares all parents and pups very much.  .There was also the possibility Minnie had an autoimmune disease called Canine Pemphigus.  It is a group of autoimmune skin diseases involving ulceration, crusting of the skin and fluid filled sacs.  The treatment for this would be very expensive and would take years of follow up appointments.      
During all of this Max and Tupper could only watch from above.  They carried thousands of prayers to the Big Guy for their sister but they were in as much in the dark as we were.  Us angels like to think we can control things but mostly all we can do it try to provide comfort .
But on Friday something very bad and scary happened and the only reason it had a good outcome was because Max and Tupper were able to intervene.  Even after her biopsy, with stitches in three places, one quite delicate, Minnie, a beagle, insisted on going for a good stroll and sniff on the walking trails behind her house.  Having been cooped up Minnie was rearing to go and since she is a good girl who always comes when called she was not leashed.  But on this day she did not come.  
Minnie’s Mom repeatedly gave her “come” call but there was no sign of Minnie.  It soon turned pitch black and her Mom was begging God for mercy and help while crying and continuing with her “come call.”   She called her sister and her nephews to help in the search.  The boys began calling Minnie’s name and they heard a bark in the woods.  They followed it and found Minnie’s horrible fate.  Her leg was caught in a hunting trap.
Minnie’s Mom, because of physical issues, could not get to Minne.  She tried 911, and the DNR, but it was Minnie’s Dad and her uncle who got there first.  Minnie’s Dad saw her back leg was caught in the trap.  There were pins on either side of her leg and he pushed them in and pulled her foot out of the trap.  From there Minnie was taken to the emergency vet and miraculously there were no broken or crushed bones.  There was just some swelling and Minnie was given medication.   She needs prayers for her recovery from being trapped and for her rash.
But that’s just the part of the story her Mom knows.
Max and Tupper were watching over Minnie when she got her leg trapped.  They flew down to Minnie and told her to lie very still.  They cuddled up with her and told her that everything would be all right.  Minnie wanted to struggle and get free but Tupper said she would hurt herself more.  The two angels made rustling noises so the nephews could find Minnie and they told her not to struggle when she saw friendly faces.  The made sure she did not move when her leg was removed from the trap, and kept her calm through all the xrays and tests that came afterwards.  They stayed with her right up until the time she got drugged up and no longer needed to be kept calm.
So, when you are giving thanks to the heavens for Millie being safe don’t forget to thank Tupper and Max.  It isn’t often us angels get to help out directly.  I know Tupper and Max are very proud of their work.
And they hope they never have to do it again.


  1. We did not know that was possible, but now we feel good just knowing there are angels like this.

  2. Oh My, what an ordeal for poor Minnie. Thank goodness for Tupper and Max
    Mr bailey, Hazel & mabel

  3. Thank goodness we all have angels watching over us or our lives would be much more difficult. Who sets traps so close to a home? Thank goodness she was heard.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot