Friday, November 13, 2015

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Walking for the Unrescued

Brody calendar.jpg

Sundays at the Bridge is a day of rest.  It goes back to the beginning when the Big Guy created everything and then on the seventh day he rested so he is a bit of a stickler about the rest thing.  He doesn’t mind if we play a bit of football but he has discouraged us from playing “Kill the Vick with the ball.”  I tell him we are just practicing: For now.
I enjoy sleeping as late as possible on Sundays so I was not happy to hear, and then see, Logan and Brody burst  into my room.  “What are you two doing here?”  Brody was pulling my warm covers off of me while Logan nosed me off the bed.
“Vee mave mo mo malk,” Brody said.  I reached up with my paw and pulled my blankets from his mouth.  “We have to go for a walk,” Brody said clearly.
“Why do we have to go for a walk?” I asked.
“Today is the walk for the Arizona Animal Welfare League!” Brody said excitedly.  “I have walked it the last five years with my Mom.    This year Logan and his Mom were driving down to Arizona to walk it with Mom and Finley in my honor but now Logan’s here so his Mom is walking with her other Labs and we are going to walk  to support them.”
“That is a very noble idea,” I said as they rushed around me putting on my robe and getting me ready for the walk.  “But we can’t raise money for them up here.”
“I am going it to support my Mom,” he barked.  “And she and Logan’s Mom will know we are walking.  I know they will.”   Then I saw the hundreds of dogs who he had recruited for the walk.   I sighed.  Well I always enjoyed a good Sunday morning walk after breakfast.  I poured myself a big bowl of kibble and got ready to eat but Brody and Logan grabbed me and pulled me out the door.  
No breakfast?
I was soon walking with a large pack of dogs.  Some of them I recognized.  Others I had never seen before.  “Who are these dogs?” I asked Brody.
“The Un-rescued,” he said.  “These are the dogs who never found their forever home.  They crossed over unloved.  While my Mom, and Logan’s Mom, walk to raise money to make sure their numbers don’t rise, we walk with them to honor them.  To honor the Un-rescued.”
I had never been more proud to miss breakfast, or walk, in my life.
So help Brody, Logan and I keep the number of un-rescued from growing and give to you local shelters and rescues.