Thursday, January 12, 2017

Pocket and the Snow Storm

When I awoke Saturday morning the skies were gunmetal gray, the air froze my paws, and I could smell snow.  Lots of snow.
I begged my parents to stay home, mostly by pleading looks, but it was errand day, and mom and dad are hearty New Englanders, who do not let a little thing like a blizzard keep them from the Dollar Store.  Darn fools.
I was put in my kitty condo, then in my crate.  River, my overly indulged sister, is allowed to wreck havoc on our small house in my parent’s absence and is provided a kitchen chair by the window so she can watch outside.  I am sure by year’s end she will persuade my parents to upgrade to a club chair while she watches and frets.
As soon as they left, River started her constant updates mostly consisting of these words:  “They aren’t home, and it’s still snowing.  It’s definitely snowing.  Snowing very hard.  Too hard to be outside.  Definitely too hard to be outside.”  This continued until they arrived home three hours later, shaky, wet, cold, but safe
That night our parents put pee pads on the porch, so we didn’t have to go outside as the snow continued to fall.  Daddy got up early in the morning.  He scooped me up and took me to the porch for a pee then put me in bed and went back out to shovel.  I hopped off the bed trying to go with him, but Mommy picked me up and brought me back to bed.  I like routine and Daddy leaving us in bed is not routine.
Two hours later he came back in the house and took River and me outside.  He had shoveled pathways for us to do our business.  There was so much snow.  I bravely did my business and headed back inside.  River, an original Floridian, mostly whined and stood still until she was persuaded to pee, and then she hurried back inside.
When my parents rank their doggies by snow bravery, I am second.  Foley is first  She would plow through the snow in joy, and she would delicately walk on top of the frozen crest until she reached a weak spot and disappeared in a minor avalanche.  She was quickly pulled to safety, covered in snow, and proud of her courage.  Blake, my parent's first dog, and their largest, a Shih Tzu, would take a dozen steps in the snow and then stop, helplessly raise a paw in the air, and beg to be picked up.  River is just a snow wimp.
In all 13 inches fell.  I know that is not the amount that Enzo or R and Shyla got in Colorado, but those pups are all two feet tall.  I am four inches tall.  For them to be dominated by the snow the way I was they would need to get seven feet of snow.  Snow is different everywhere and to everyone.  To me, it is big, wet, and obtrusive.
I hope your snow is kinder and smaller to you.  I am going back on the Internet and looking at flowers and seeds.  Spring will soon be here, and I will be ready.


  1. Yep....Spring is always right around the is Florida have had our 3 days of winter..SIGH!! Maybe your Mom & Dad could send you down for a (winter break)... You can lay on Angel Ladybugs Lounge and soak up some sun rays....And don't worry...She only fussys a bit, then she leaves...always a Social Life at the Bridge....but still makes her presence known.... Angel Max tried to rest on it just once....Got off and was never seen near it again...Lord only knows what was said to him...HMMMMMM!!

  2. We haven't had snow since 1960...that is a lot of dog years.

  3. Me and Stanley love the snow and digging in the snow. BUTT we are a bit taller than yous!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. I love the snow! Be careful you don't get too cold.

  5. We would love to see 13 inches of snow here, well, maybe not Mom. But we understand how difficult it has to be for smaller pups. You are both so lucky to have humans who take such good care of you.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  6. OMD OMD that is a MOUNTAIN of snow... WAY over your heads...
    WE are gonna be checkin the BURP EASE seed catalog TOMORROW... Spring IS just around the Corner.. and like YOU we want to be READY to Hail it's arrival... THE DAYS ARE A LITTLE LONGER ALREADY.

  7. WOW! Anything bigger than a severe frost would be too big for you. BOL! 102°F outside right now.

  8. That is like us getting 12 feet of snow! I hope that you all are surviving. It will be spring soon, and this storm will be just a funny memory.

  9. OMD, you guys are so funny. I can imagine that that is hard doin' your business in the deep snow. I don't remembers. The last time I saw snow, I was a wee lass in Wisconsin. I thinks I loved it. It doesn't snow here, much to my dismay. it rains. LOTS. since I don't likes to get my furs wet, I bet it's the same kind of dilemma. (thou, a warmer one...☺)
    I hopes you gets some warmer weather soon! or at least a good supply of pee pads....
    Ruby ♥

  10. WE have had more than enough snow to last us for a long time.

  11. That is so much snow! We got some today for the first time in 7 years where we live.
    Elliot and Cricket x

  12. No snow here yet so I still only know about it from pictures! Hope the warmer weather comes soon for you - and for us. It is really cold even without the snow. Nose licks and love from Moth xx

  13. omg... snow much (not)-fun huh? 13 inches... I never saw snow, but after all what I've read in posts from friends who have to deal with snow I think I don't need that white stuff.... the mama is with me she said she is not able to drive a car in snow ... but my dad said that has nothing to do with snow LOL

  14. That sure is a bunch of snow and it sure was nice of your Daddy to shovel a clearing for you. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  15. Yikes that sure is lots of sun! You better stay inside
    Lily & Edward