Friday, January 27, 2017

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: A Glossary of Terms

I have been writing about Rainbow Bridge for a long time and have used terms that some dogs who have just begun to follow my blogs may not understand, so I want to provide this glossary of terms.
The River of Life:  This is the river that separates the mortal side from the immortal side.  When a soul runs of out of heartbeats, they cross the River of Life via Rainbow Bridge.  Souls can never use their Earthly form to cross back but can use other forms.
Rainbow Bridge:  The Bridge we use to cross the River.  There are a lot of Rainbow Bridges connecting the two side of life, but they are all referred to as Rainbow Bridge.  It is called Rainbow Bridge after rainbows.  Rainbows are created when someone on the Immortal side is missing someone on the mortal side so intensely that it creates a Rainbow from the mourning soul across the River of Life to the soul they are missing.
Enzo’s Escalator:  For a long time tired dogs, still in pain, had to climb from the Bridge to the high cliff where the land that we refer to as Rainbow Bridge begins.  Our mortal friend Enzo designed an elevator that lets dogs who cross the River of Life at our section of the Bridge ride instead of climb.  It is very appreciated.
Lovey’s spa:  Halfway up the elevator new angels can stop at Lovey’s spa to get their hair washed, have a drink, get a manicure, and enjoy a beverage as their body recovered so they when they reached the cliff they are fully recharged and have the energy of a puppy.
The Swearing In:  It is my duty to swear in all new Angels.  I have learned to do this very quickly because the new angel has family and friends very excited to greet them,
Scooby’s Wings:  Scooby has recently proven himself to be a first-rate wing designer.  He takes the time to learn important facts about the new Angel and then makes several pairs of wings for them.  
Ladybug’s Flight School:  Ladybug then teaches the new Angels how to fly.  She has been doing this since before I crossed the River of Life.  There is no better flight instructor at Rainbow Bridge.
Living Arrangements:  An Angel can live wherever, and it whatever the way.  I have a modest cottage on a cliff looking over the River; Tommy Tunes has a magnificent palace that is ever expanding making more room for his friends’ Chelsea lives on to the top floor of a high tower.  There are also Angels whose human parents have crossed over.   They get to live at the sweetest spot, at home with their parents.  The parents here always have their doors open for any dog, or stray that wants to live with them.
Weather:  We are usually at comfortable degrees with the sun, but we can fly up to the mountains to play in the snow, and there is one valley where it always rains for those strange dogs who likes to get wet.
The Big Guy:  He runs Rainbow Bridge.  When a mortal soul prays the prayers come to the Bridge, and we fly them up to the Big Guy.  Sometimes he says yes, sometimes he says no, and sometimes we have to argue and plead with him.  Right now we are flying up lots of prayers for Enzo, Molly, Hannah Banana and some other friends.  
Tear Clouds:  When a loved one dies mortal souls cry, and those tears are lifted into clouds that pass over the River to Rainbow Bridge where those tears fall and puddle on the ground.  We dogs then search the puddles to find our parents’ tears and take them to our gardens where they help our flowers grow.
Food:  We can eat anything here, either human or dog food, but who wants to eat dog food?  I love chocolate, and spaghetti, and everything bad for me on the mortal side.  And we never gain a pound.
Hunting:  We can hunt all the critters we want.  We chase them, catch them, shake them, and then they run off again.  The same critter can keep us amused for hours.
Age:  We can pick our ages like a human picks out clothing.  Every morning we get up and go through the bodies we had at certain ages and decide what to wear.  My favorite age is seven.  That is when I had it going on.  
Visits:  There are three ways we can visit our parents. The are:
Flying Creatures:  The only souls that can fly from the mortal side to the immortal side are birds and insects.  They are eager to switch bodies with us so they can play like dogs.  We then fly back to the mortal side to visit our families.  We can hang on the side of houses, fly through the air around our parents, or, my personal favorite, to become butterflies and flutter around them.  If you see a flying creature, who seems to know you it is one of your angels.
Dreams:  We can visit any soul in their dreams.  Unfortunately, our humans rarely remember our visits, but our animal friends do.
Ghosting:  Leo figured out how to fly straight into the sun and after passing through you end up near your parent as a ghost.  You get all the benefits of being with them, and they get the vague notion that you are there, and sometimes they see you, just out of the corner of their eye.  It takes a lot of energy to ghost, so most of us can only do it for a short amount of time, but some of us can do it for days.
Happily Ever After:  When all your loved ones have passed the River of Life to the Bridge then you move to Happily Ever After where there is never any worries, and you stayed safe and snuggled together ever after.
I hope this glossary has helped you better understand Rainbow Bridge.  Now, when you arrive, you will have the upper paw, or hand, on everyone else.  


  1. Well, we are very happy you have posted this Glossary of Terms as it is so very helpful to know what they all mean and why the Rainbow Bridge has them. So many great ideas from so many wonderful furries.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  2. Wow, this really helps us understand things we did not know about before. It sounds wonderful BUTT we are not in any hurry!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Thank you for all your work putting together a glossary.

  4. Thanks fur the explanations. It helps to understand about the rainbow bridge.
    Your Furend
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  5. that is very interesting to know... many thanks for sharing some feline&canine wisdom we all need to understand...

  6. Thank you for explaining those words. Crossing the Rainbow Bridge does not sound so scary when I read that glossary. Nose licks and love from Moth xx

  7. Thanks for the info. Now we know to look out for our angels when they visit as flying creatures. We never kill bugs, except for mosquitoes. Ghostwriter is the official bee and wasp catcher at the nursing home. She always lets them go outside. And you know, we love all the birdies who visit our window feeder!

  8. Thanks it helps us understand a little better. stella rose


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