Sunday, January 8, 2017

Pup of the Week: Sydney

On holidays I like to venture over to the human side of the Immortal world.  Thousands of veterans gather to march in parades.  Everyone stands and cheers these brave men and women who gave their mortal lives for their country.  Some of them passed over the River saving their fellow soldiers.  Some succumbed to injuries after insisting that their friends receive treatment because the friend was hurt was more than they were,

Sydney is that solider.  Her brother Moose suffers from Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia.  Rainbow Bridge has entire villages filled with pups who have passed from this dreadful disease.  I have many friends here who succumbed to IMHA.  Sydney did everything in her power to make sure Moose was not one of those pups.

Sydney and I got back almost ten years.  We met on Doggyspace and became good friends.  Her human brother Jordan went to Iraq to fight in the war and our parents spent a lot of time talking about, and fretting over, his well being until he returned home.

Sydney brought lots of prayers for Jordan, and then, after Moose got sick, continued bringing prayers for him, to the Bridge  I personally took Moose’s prayers from Sydney and flew them up to the Big Guy.  There were so many prayers for Moose that the Big Buy finally answered yes.

Throughout all of this Sydney was hiding a secret.  She had something wrong with her too.  A year ago she began having cluster seizures.  Sydney insisted she was fine, even though the seizures continued and grew worse.  By the end of the year Sydney’s mom knew her song was ending  Through Sydney’s perseverance, and her mother’s loving care, Sydney made it through Christmas.  But shortly after that the difficult decision was made to send Sydney to the Bridge,

She arrived with a purpose.  I made her recite the pledge, and there were hundreds of dogs waiting to greet her, but she told me she had something to do.  She needed to find a new pup for her mom before she did anything else.  

Smartie offered to show Sydney how to search for pups for her parents and he went with her.  Smartie reported back to me that there was no need for him to go.  After her first trip Sydney knew how to slip in and out of pup’s dreams, and knew which questions to ask and which answers she needed.

From there she went into her dad’s dreams and whispered to him.  There was a dog, just two weeks old, named Toula, who would be perfect for Sydney’s parents.  Toula would not make her mom forget about Sydney, but Toula would help heal the rawness in her mom’s heart and begin to make good memories, on that Sydney and her dad agreed.  

Sydney accomplished all this her first day.  She still needed to be fitted for wings, learn to fly, and how to perform all other important angels duties.

She accomplished more her first day at the Bridge then many dogs do in a year.

That is Sydney, never putting herself first.  She is going to make an excellent angel.  


  1. Sweet Sydney, you have much to share with Angel Ciara about those hideous seizures. We are so sorry you had to suffer from them too. And Ciara's half brother suffered from IMHA too, and then we lost him to the hidden cancer that was ravaging his body. Sydney is going to make a super Angel - she has a heart of gold. Her family was so lucky to have shared their lives with her.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  2. What a sweet pup! We would love to get a puppy to fill in the empty spot in our hearts for Joey dog. But we have to wait until this summer. There's a doggie at a cocker spaniel rescue site who looks a lot like Joey too, but still, we have to wait till summer. Isn't it nice when things just fall into place like little Toula?

  3. What a sweetie. Sydney already is an incredible angel. I'm so glad that she found a perfect little pup for her humans. That helps so much.

  4. I'm so sad with sydneys fumily... I send hugs and potp to their broken hearts...and a big hug to angel sydney...

  5. Sydney showed her love for her hoomans and cared for them on her furst day. Just like any good dog would do. We hope her humans will find their hearts healing in time.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. We love your Pup of the week stories. Sydney was one great dog and will be a great angel.


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