Friday, January 13, 2017

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Purrs for Jamison

Each morning I awaken, make my bed the way my mom taught me, have my bacon, chicken and egg breakfast, and check my emails to see how my mortal friends are fairing.
I noticed an email from my Blogville friend Christmas.  I opened it.  He was informing his many friends that his buddy Jamison the cat had joined me at Rainbow Bridge.  He asked us all to send our condolences to Jamison’s family and to write a remembrance of this special cat.
I always want to honor my friends’ requests.  Sadly, I have written dozens of loving tributes to friends and would have no problem writing one for Jamison and his family.  I only had one problem.  I did not know Jamison.
So, before I could write, I needed to meet Jamison.  I trekked over to the cat side of Rainbow Bridge.  This took a great deal of ovarian fortitude.  Cats are known for their sarcasm and biting humor.  Many dogs avoid them because dogs have thinner skins than presidents in waiting.   I have always been welcomed by the cats.  I think it is because I am a small dog and have made friends with many important cats at Rainbow Bridge.  Plus an author I am at the mercy of critics, so I have had to develop a thick skin.
I came over the hill.  The cat section of the Bridge was in a valley below me.  The cats had another large celebration with a feast of different kinds of seafood and chicken.  They did not notice me until I was a few paw prints away from the table.  When they did the group became quiet and stared at me.
Cotton jumped down and gave me a welcoming hug to show the other cats that I was family.  I told Cotton that I needed to speak to Jamison.  The newest angel was sitting at the head of the table.  Cotton signaled to Jamison, and he hopped down to meet me.
I told him of our connection.  He said he had heard of me.  We went for a walk through the valley.  He told me that his Dad’s Mother had to move, and she had a cat named Rudee, a black cur, who could not move with her.  Jamison’s parents took Rudee in, but there was a fight between Rudee and Jamison, leaving Jamison with a broken pelvis, a paralyzed leg, many stitches, and anemia.  His parents spared no expense and did everything they could to nurse Jamison back to health, but there was too much damage, and they had to let Jamison go so he could be young and injury free at the Bridge.
I told Jamison that I could communicate with the mortal side of the River of Life.  He made me promise to tell his parents that he does not blame them at all, and they should not blame themselves.  He loves them very much and thanks them for the wonderful life they gave him.  He is sorry that he fought with Rudee and knows that contributed to their heartbreak.  
He also wants to thank all his Blogville friends for organizing a tribute to him.  He sends them all his love.
He invited me to the feast, but I politely declined.  It was a cat celebration, and I don’t like fish.  We hugged before I left.
I may be able to post about the wonderful mortal life that Jamison lead, but I can tell you he is very popular here at the Bridge.  I can see why he was so popular on the Mortal side.   A perfect cat gentleman.
There is always time to make a new friend, even after they run out of heartbeats.
Remember Jamison is still alive, just unable to visit, but someday you will be together.


  1. What a lovely and comforting tribute!

  2. Well my goodness that was a most special meet up were able to find out so many things about Jamison..he was well loved and fought very heard to stay here
    Here madi and mom

  3. A beautiful tribute.

    Lily Belle and Muffin

  4. What a great post for Jamison's family to read. We, too, hope they are not blaming themselves. Things happen humans have no control over.

  5. Wonderful tribute to Jamison...he must be enjoying all the chicken and seafood over the rainbow bridge!

  6. Howdy mates. That was beautiful. I didn't know Jamison but know he was deeply loved. No worries and love, Stella X

    1. Hey mates, I am Stella from Down Under and silly google made me sign in again and now my angel brother Bruce's profile has come up. WTH is up with that. So my comment is from me Stella. xx

  7. OMD, that was so very beautiful and funny. I loves your amazin' posties, and this is just pawfect. Jamison's family is just gonna loves this tribute.♥
    Ruby ♥

  8. You are so good at writing personalized tributes

  9. that was so touching to read your post... well done... it is so great that so much people wrote a tribute for Jamison today... I will remember the brave panther and if the tears are on the way to my eyes, I remember the funny moments we had at the common court of fleas once..

  10. That was a most loving tribute. We did not know dear Jamison but it sure is sad, sad, sad.

  11. THIS was an amazing post! Thank you so much for finding Jamison and relaying messages back and forth. Your post provided much comfort to us. *ear licks* Noodle

  12. I truly enjoyed your tribute to Jamison. I'm sure his family will too. ♥


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