Sunday, January 22, 2017

Pup of the Week: The Magnificent Seven

It is a good week when no friends cross Rainbow Bridge, although I have been flying many prayers up to the mountain for sick friends, or those facing operations, like Ruger, Enzo, Jasper, Maggie and much more.
When I have such a week, I look for a Pup of the Week who can give our parents a feeling of joy, and let them experience another example of the love between dogs and humans.
Some of these stories end with a dog being rescued and heading toward their forever home.  This story has seven such dogs.  But, I must warn, it is also a sad story because it is not just humans who need forever homes.
Near Los Angeles rescuers found homeless dogs living by the river.  They were surprised that the dogs weren’t afraid of people.  
That is when they met Wilma and Reuben, the two homeless humans who were taking care of the dogs.  They found Wilma when they heard a woman calling for her dogs.  The faithful ones ran to their mom.  This was when they met Wilma and where she was staying with the dogs.
The Rescuers told Wilma that they had arrived to take the dogs to foster homes.  Wilma resisted parting with her beloved dogs.  The Rescuers took out their IPads and showed her how the dogs would be cared for, and where they would be living.  Wilma is a true dog lover.  She knew the Rescuers would provide a better life for the dogs than she could, and she surrendered them.  
There were four dogs with Wilma at the time, and she said goodbye to each one.  The dogs did not want to leave their mom, but the Rescuers 
took the reluctant dogs from their mom’s arms.  
Her husband, Reuben, then arrived with a fifth dog, which he agreed to surrender.  He told the Rescuers that there were two more dogs who were missing.   If the Rescuers would come back later in the day, Reuben was sure the dogs have returned.
Wilma and Reuben’s dogs were brought to be cleaned and checked out.  There weren’t any issues with any of them.  Then the Rescuers returned for the final two dogs.
They were with Wilma and Reuben.  The couple recognized that the couples' lives would be easier without having to take care for the seven strays.  The Rescuers sat down to talk with the couple and to try and find them the assistance they needed to get housing.  
Finally, it was time to take the final two dogs, but one was stubborn.  He did not want to leave his home.  Reuben walked the dog to the Rescuers vehicle and put her in the car himself, then said his goodbyes.  The dogs were driven away.
The dogs were taken in by Rescue From the Hart and brought to the same foster home where they were happily reunited.  The group, named the Magnificent Seven, will have to be split up at some pint but, thanks to Wilma and Reuben, they are safe, and in a good home.
If you would like to learn more about the dogs, or what you can do to help Wilma and Reuben, please check out the Hope for Paws  Facebook page.
And our thanks to Wilma and Reuben.  They sacrificed their best friends to give them better homes.  They may be homeless, but they aren’t heartless, and the people like them should never be forgotten by society.


  1. What a story of love and sacrifice. thank you for the reminder that it's not only animals that need rescuing.

    We'll be keeping these pups and people in our prayers.

    Love, Molly and my Mom

  2. That's a sad and wonderful story at the same time. Wilma and Reuben were selfless in giving up their dogs... and now I wish that they could find a home too.

  3. hugs to wilma and reuben... it's so touching what they did for the love of their dogs... I wish that once all people like wilma and reuben would get a home where they can have dogs and where they all can live together... yes, I'm a dreamer, but sometimes dreams come true, right?

  4. A sad but heartwarming story of loves
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. That was a great story! I hope Wilma and Reuben will get to visit with their doggies or see pictures on how they're doing. Also hope they find a place for themselves to live besides on the street.

  6. Yes, sad and wonderful that they did what was best for the dogs.
    Hope they will be ok too
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  7. What beautiful people Wilma and Reuben are. I hope life gets better for them.


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