Friday, December 1, 2017

Tails From Rainbow Bridge: Saving Private Enzo with Totti, Chelsea and Queenie

I was lazing in the sun when my emergency angel beacon went off.  “Angels, oh Angels, please help me!”  I picked it up.  I could see my dear friend Enzo standing in a vast cornfield.  At first, I thought he was his usual joking self but then I realized he was terrified.
“Angels,”: Enzo yelled.  “I was hunting with my parents and chased a bird into this cornfield.  I saw another bird and ran after it, and now I am hopelessly lost.  Please, angels, help me find my way back to my parents.
We needed an Angel Rescue Squad.  I checked who was on call for emergencies:  Queenie, Chelsea, and Totti.  I could not assemble a better group.  I told them to assemble by the river bank.  
We held one another’s paws and flew into the sun.  We emerged over the dense cornfield.  Enzo’s dad was walking around the perimeter calling his name.  His mom was standing by the truck praying for a miracle.  She did not know it, but her miracle had arrived.  Queenie, Chelsea, Totti each took a side of the field and began calling Enzo’s name.
I heard Enzo whining on the south side of the corn.  I flew down and saw Enzo huddled under a stalk.  I called his name several times until he looked up and saw me.  “Oh Angel Foley, I knew you would come.  You have to help me out of the corn.”  I called for Queenie, Chelsea, and Totti to come to me and then had them go to the edge of the corn and call him.
Enzo tried to reach them, but the corn became too thick.  He kept getting blocked.  He begged me to come into the corn with him.  I hesitated.  My Mommy told me never to go into the corn.  I didn’t want to get hopelessly lost too.  But, if I had to get hopelessly lost at least I could do it with Enzo.  I flew into the corn.
It was dark and thick.  I asked for Quennie to fly over us and direct us to the end of the corn.  Every way she tried to direct us we got stuck.  It looked hopeless.  Enzo asked if I could try to fly him out.  I got underneath him, but he’s a big boy, and I’m a little girl.  I only got him a foot off the ground.
We both fell backward.  Enzo hit the stalk hard.  I had tucked my wings in, but they popped out as I fell and they sliced a stalk in two  Enzo said:  “Yummy, corn!” and started eating an ear before I realized that our wings were the way out.
I called to Queenie, Chelsea, and Totti to come into the corn.  Queenie and Totti flew right down, but Chelsea, being a cautious Yorkie, like me, said she would guide us with her voice.  Smart dog. Queenie, Totti and I began walking backward and flapping our wings as we cut through the corn.  Chelsea guided us towards Enzo’s dad.  Once we could see light through the field, Enzo ran off to his dad, and we gathered above the corn to see the tearful reunion.
As Enzo walked back to the truck, and his mom ran to him, they turned and gave us a tip of the tail and a big smile for helping us guide him out of the corn.
But that is what angels are for.
If you are ever get lost in the corn, thinks of us, and we will be there to help you.


  1. So glad you angels were there to help Enzo find his way
    Hazel & Mabel

  2. Whew...thank goodness Enzo had such loving angels to help him find his way back to his Mama!
    Rosy, Arty & Jakey

  3. We are glad to hear about the Angel Rescue Squad. We might need it.

  4. You angels are so well organized!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. That sounds pretty scary to be stuck in the corn like that! So glad you rescued Enzo and everything was good.


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