Sunday, May 26, 2019

Barry is the May 28 2019 Pup of the Week

In my ten years of writing tributes to dogs who have passed to the Bridge three has become my least favorite number.  When I first started, I hated the number two. It was sad enough when one dog from a pack passed to the Bridge. A second was tragic.  The longer I have been on the immortal side; the more dogs have arrived. And some of these dogs have driven up the number of pets lost from a single pack to three.  That is why I hate that number.

We have had Tanner, Coco Puff and Ruger Ru arrive from the same pack.  Also, Hattie Mae, Fella, and Smartie. All of these pups became famous on Doggyspace and then followed us when we started the Tanner Brigade.   This week another TB family had sent a third pup to the Bridge when Mama Elisa lost Barry. He joined Benjamin the Sheriff of Fun and their brother Butkus the Grumpy.

When they were together on the mortal side, Benjamin, Butkus, and Barry could not have been more different.  Benjamin loved to have fun all the time. Butkus took his position as a dog seriously, the opposite of Benjamin's silly nature.  Barry was more stoic, content to watch the insanity unfolding in front of him than participate. They were like the Beatles. Benjamin was fun-loving Paul.  Butkus was sardonic John. And, Barry the stoic George. They also had their funny Ringo in Achilles who successfully fought off a calling to the Bridge after breaking his front legs and enduring several surgeries

Barry enjoyed a low-key existence. His favorite spot was near the pool. He would let his fur grow warm in the Texas sun. When it became too hot he took a dip    If any conflagration broke out, as it always does in multiple dog homes, Barry was content to let it play out in front of him. There was no need to get upset at such silly things

Benjamin and Butkus were waiting with me as Barry crossed the Bridge.  Benjamin was flying excitedly above us. "Will you settle down!" Butkus snapped.  "If Barry finds you acting like a fool, he will turn around and go back."

"Fine with me," Benjamin said buzzing Butkus who growled.

Barry reached Hobo's Landing where I swore him in  There's a lot to do on your first day on the immortal side.  You have to get fitted for detachable wings. You have a feast thrown in your honor.  You get flying lessons. And you will learn how to visit your parents' dreams and warg into flying creatures to visit your mom when the weather is beautiful. But, Barry postponed these activities He was on a mission.

Once Barry was sworn in his brother's began to argue over who would be the first to greet him. "Enough," Barry shouted.   "When Mama knew I was sick, she gave me a last request. She asked that when I go to the Bridge, I tell you that she said to stop fighting.  She knows you visit her dreams every night. And she loves that you do. But you leave her with a terrible headache the next morning.

Both boys seemed stunned by the news. "Doesn't she want us to visit?" Benjamin asked, shaking.

"Of course she does!" Barry said.  But without the fighting, which is why she appointed me to dream date referee. One misstep, and you're out of her dreams."

The brothers had never seen Barry so assertive, but an angel gets like that when he has got a direct order from his mom. Both Butkus and Barry promised to try and be patient with one another. As patient as Barry is with them.

And from that day forward peace was brought to the Lukanjo pack and the legend spread of Barry, the Patient.


  1. We have also have three angels who went over the bridge before me. I know my humans still miss every one of them very much. My ghostwriter looks up at the clouds every day (and there are always a lot of clouds in WNY!) to see if any of them are looking back down at her. Hugs to Barry's family.

  2. Most dogs I have known have a big problem with patience.Hope the legend of Barry spreads on the mortal side.

  3. patience is a feature what's not included in weimaraners... but we will learn from Barry... have a good memorial day today...

  4. Barry, what a wonderful endeavor you have undertaken@!!


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