Sunday, May 12, 2019

Pokey, the Dog Who Keeps Saying "Not Today" is our May 12 2019 Pup of the Week

The young woman has just barely escaped her ferocious enemies and besieged on all side, was asked by the red witch “what do you say to the god of death?”

“Not today,” she answered. Then she left the castle to save the day.

All dogs dream of saying “not today” to the god of death.  Some of us are successful for a short period. But, there is a one dog I know who has been saying it for years and continues to do so.  He must know something we don't because he's still on the mortal side with his mom.

I have a particular spot in my heart for  Pokey the dog who said no. He belongs to Mama Laura.  He is one of the few online friends I've actually met. Pocket and I spent a lovely day with Mama Laura and pokey eight years ago. I liked his online presence, but when I met him for real, it was love at first enough sniff.

I was a couple of years older than pokey.  Since I was smaller, the mystics predicted that I would have the longer mortal Life.  But The fates had other plans. And I was never good at saying no.

I was a couple of weeks shy of being thirteen when I went to the Bridge. Pokey was 11, and I figured he'd be joining me in the next couple of years. It seemed more likely when he got diagnosed with a heart murmur and then cancer.  I knew the god of death was coming for him. I left a light on for him.

It is five years later. Pokey is still with his mom.  I asked the god of death why. he said every time he went for Pokey he was told “no.” He was befuddled.  No one said no to him.

I visited pokey in his dreams. “I didn't say no I said not today. No is rude,” he said. Pokey has always been a polite Dog even the face of the god of death.

His vet had been pestering Mama Laura to let him do dental work on Pokey. At Pokey’s age, she had been reluctant to have the procedure. But the vet convinced her that pokey would enjoy his life more once his teeth were cleaned. Her babies’ quality of life has always been Momma Laura’s biggest concern. She agreed to have the procedure done on Thursday.

On the day of his procedure, We Angels received Many prayer requests for Pokey. while the work was being done. We formed an angel ring around him. I could see that old god of death lurking in the shadows. The procedure went splendidly, and all that was left was for pokey to wake up and go home.

Somehow, the god of death flanked us and flew down to where pokey slept. He hovered over our friend. He said it is time to go to the bridge. Pokey looked up unimpressed and announced ‘not today.”

The god of death was so frustrated I thought he would explode.  “You don't get to say not today to me!” He heard us laughing at him.  “Fine, he can live forever for all I care.” The god of death said before disappearing in a black Puff.  for ten minutes, We all cheered Pokey

While we know Momma Laura would love Pokey to live forever someday he, like all dogs, will leave for the bridge.  But it will be strictly on his terms. He won't be told he is going. He has earned the right to pick the time and place.

For now pokey is the dog who said “not today.”  

May he continue to do so for months and years to come.


  1. Pokey is so very special. Great story !!

  2. Yay Pokey! you are a strong pup!

  3. Lisa Sullivan's Molly was also there and she's still kicking! :)

  4. We like for the god of death to go up in a cloud of smoke. Go, Smokey

  5. Pokey looks a lot like my Nikki who, unfortunately, didn't tell death, "Not today." You go, Pokey!!


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