Monday, May 6, 2019

Monday Question

What kind of computers, tablets or phones do your parents use on the computer?

Pocket:  Out main computer is a Toshiba Satellite laptop that is older than dirt.  A few years ago we replaced it because it wasn't working properly.  Then the replacement broke and we began using the Toshiba on an emergency basis.  It has been working perfectly ever since then.  We do figure it is going to die soon. My parents also use an IPad and Pixel 3 phone.  


  1. We had all Apple stuff but our MacBook went to the Bridge and we couldn’t afford a new one so we got an HP. We also have iPhones and iPads.

  2. We are an Apple bunch for sure. Mom has a Macbook Pro, an iPad, and an iPhone. She loves all of them. As for us, we just like real apples:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. Our PC worked perfectly until recently, now we have to get a new one. Yay we're getting a new one.

  4. we use an acer aspire nitro, it's as fast as a lighting, specially when hop through 87 social media sites like a frog. but it has the sh*ttiest touchpad of all times, that's not made in china but in hell... and we have a samsucker phone what has his own life according to the mama...and it is as uncooperative as da Phenny LOL

  5. We have a PC that Microsoft has totally screwed up with its forced updates. So we now have an Apple iPad. We also have a little used flip phone.

  6. Mom has an Asus touchscreen laptop with an external keyboard and mouse, since those things gave up the ghost on the laptop. She's hoping for a nice new laptop for her birthday. She's got a Samsung Galaxy S9 that takes good pictures and she has figured out how to do "laptop" stuff on it! xxx Lucy


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