Thursday, May 30, 2019

Pocket is Worried About Being Treated Like a Human

I was sitting next to Momma on the big recliner. I had achieved the perfect fugue state, neither awake or asleep.  I was in that comfortable spot in the middle, experiencing a peaceful easy feeling.

I lifted my head, yawned, then rested on mommy's leg. I glanced at her IPad. She was reading the most distressing article. It said humans are treating pets like they are human. What a revolting development.  

This news completely knocked me out of my comfort zone.  

I would not have been as worried if the story said we would be treated like babies.  Those helpless little creatures have their parents wrapped around their tiny fingers. No, what I had read meant human adults.  The bottom of the food chain.

For years I have enjoyed being treated much better than the way humans treat one another.   This would be a significant change in my lifestyle

If my parents started treating me like a human, what would happen the next time I pooped?  Humans don't clean up one another's excrement. You're expected to do it yourself. I don't even know where the poop bags are kept, never mind how to open them and put poop in. We're going to be reduced to the old lookout gullet here it comes technique

And what if we are expected to feed ourselves? I know in human households if a person makes dinner, she will make enough for everyone.  But if you don't want what's served, you have to figure out a way to feed yourself.

The container with the kibble is in the kitchen closet.  My pumpkin, wet food, and both are in the refrigerator.  They are on a high shelf. There is no way I can reach them.  The best I could do is pull out the kibble container, knock it over, and eat the kibble off the floor.  I'm sure if I was being treated like a human, my mom will want me to clean the mess up. I hope I'm hungry enough to do so.

Humans want other humans to get their room with their own bed.  I don't want my own room. I don't want my bed. They're probably going to want me to sit in my chair.  When will the insanity end?

And we are one of the few species allowed to end our lives with dignity. When it comes to end-of-life, we dogs are treated humanely.  Humans are treated inhumanely. I would rather be an old dog treated humanely then old human treated inhumanely.

When I got done, reading it seemed that somehow the writer thought being treated like a human being was better than being treated like a dog.  This is what Foley would call fake views.

I hope my species doesn't regress to being treated like humans.  I certainly do enjoy a dog's life.


  1. Being a dog is like being royalty.

  2. the bed part is something really impawtant, we agree.... but we are the poor pups what are treated like humans... apart from the food and the bed SHE! talks to us about her stuff all da time .. and we ponder about ear plugs now

  3. Oh that wouldn't be a good thing but hopefully it will never come to that!

  4. But Pocket, then you could sit at the human's table and eat people food like Angel Lexi did. We get great people food too, but from our dish on the floor. Also we don't have opposable thumbs, and don't walk on our hind legs, so we would be catered to like people with disabilities. See, it's not so bad. Xox Xena and Lucy

  5. Don't worry! I'm sure if you get treated like a human, it will be like a human of royalty; and not expected to do those menial chores.

  6. my goodness I never thought about it that way and you have a very valid point!


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