Friday, May 3, 2019

Foley Takes A Pupless Woman for a Walk

Not every dog finds a home and not every home finds a dog. It just works that way sometimes.

Some people want a dog their whole life and Are never able to get one. It Could be for financial reasons, allergies, or dogs not being allowed where they live.

These people come into the next life dogless. But this is the place where dreams come true.

Many of us dog Angels volunteer to spend time with humans who never had a pup on the mortal side.  It is gratifying to work.

These people are usually housed together.  If pups want to interact with a human, they can visit their home, and in some rare cases, the dogs can even adopt the human.

I wasn't looking for anything long-term, but I thought it would be nice to walk with a person again.  The dog manager at the home gave me a Leash and brought me to meet a small woman named Esther. “Keep her out for about a half hour or so, make sure she gets water, and maybe a poop,”   I told them she was in good paws.

I hooked the leash to my collar. The manager had opened the door to Esther’s unit.  I entered the woman's quarters. There was some food out, a jug of water, and toys on the floor. I was impressed by how Clean it was.

I asked Esther if she wanted to go for a walk.  She was so excited she jumped off the couch and began dancing. I thought I'd never get the leash around her hands.

I wasn't ready for the way she pulled me down the street.  She began sniffing the air like there was something she had to find. I tried digging my paws in, but I was still b dragged.

She stopped in a field and laid down.  She began rolling around on the grass enjoying how cool it was on her back.  Suddenly, I noticed the leash was no longer wrapped around her hand. I tried to gently put it back when she saw we were no longer tethered together. The old lady ran.

I called after “Esther, Esther you're a bad girl,” but she kept running. I was going to be in so much trouble.  The last thing the dogs in this neighborhood needed was another Human roaming around breaking into garbage cans, harassing house cats and trying to make them sit on their laps.

I followed her trail.  I asked dogs if they had seen her.  “Oh she passed by me running like the wind and wearing a big grin on her face,” Pepper said then pointed in the direction she went.

Esther was such a lousy human.  I picked up her scent down by the docks.  I walked into a fisherman's bar and saw Esther dancing on a table. I began to think that they gave me a human who hadn't been spayed

I walked into the bar and told her to get down right now.  The sailors said to me to mind my own business. Great, I was given a bitch in heat, and now she was surrounded by horny sailors.

Two hours passed until she finally laid down under the bar. I wrapped up her hand with the leash and dragged her home.  It was exhausting.

“Where have you two been?” the Dog manager asked.  I told him we had just gone for a long walk.

“Has she pooped and peed?”

“Pooped, peed and contracted gonorrhea,”  I told him as I was going out the door.

Take my advice if you're at Rainbow Bridge and you're asked to walk a lonely human make sure they've been spayed first. An unspayed human is nothing but trouble waiting to happen.


  1. Now that's some story, I might quit giggling after while!

  2. BOL - that made our day!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  3. Well, that's a different point of view! Good grief!

  4. Foley, it sounds like you had a bad dream! Xena and Lucy

  5. Oh my! What a nightmare! Hee hee!


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