Monday, December 14, 2020

Monday Question


What is your most common sleep position?  Stretched out?  On your back?  Curled in a ball?  On your side?  On your tummy?  
If you sleep with your parents or another dog, do you snuggle with them, or do you need a break from them at night?


  1. Pocket: I sleep curled up in a ball. I like to sleep in the crook on one of my parents' knees. I like to have my butt against them when I sleep.
    River: I either spread out as far as I can or snuggle so tightly against Mommy I almost knock her off the bed.

  2. da nelly is a piler... he always has to climb either on me or on da staff... that is... well special, because he is 78 tons or more LOL

  3. 1. Any or all of them is OK by June.
    2. Curl up behind her curled up knees. When she moves I go bite
    her toes.
    3. When she is noisy (which I'm told is called snoring which humans do and cats are polite enough NOT to do) I retreat to my rounder by the window.
    4. G'nite, sweet dreams.

  4. I usually sleep with my head on my front paws.

  5. Our Angel Little Bit would sleep between us and take over the bed. She would lay on either side and stretch those legs out as far as they would go. Such a fond memory.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  6. I like to be curled up against Gail when we're both sleeping. When it's just me, I vary it - usually I curl up into a perfect circle, but sometime I lie on my side, and occasionally on my back with legs straight up in the air (which for some reason Gail finds funny...)

  7. Sydney sleeps curled up in her pen. Mackey also sleeps curled up. Even though we have about 87 dog beds all over the place, she usually sleeps in a chair. Norma Jean sleeps on her back with her feet against the wall. At night she sleeps next to Mom's side of the bed on her back with her feet against the night stand.All Porties sleep that way.

  8. Xena: Yes
    Lucy: I love to stretch out in the bed between Mom and Dad.Sometimes I put my head on Mom's legs.

  9. You name it, I sleeps like it! My favorite spot to sleep is the place where my ghostwriter usually sits, especially when she's at work.

  10. Lightning always sleeps all stretched out on his side. When it is warm or mild weather, Timber and Misty sleep belly up. When it is cold, Timber and Misty sleep curled in a ball like a honey bun:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  11. Humans here are all over the bed which is probably why Angel Madi became disenchanted with being our slumber buddy
    Hugs Cecilia

  12. We have all been known to sleep in all those positions!


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