Sunday, January 12, 2020

Jackson Arrives at Rainbow Bridge

When I first delved into the world of social media, one of the most beloved and influential dogs I met was Morgan the Miracle Maltese. Morgan was already a teenager when I first barked at him. He understood everything about being a dog and navigating the world of social media. Morgan also had a long list of ailments. He always seemed to be on the cusp of going to the Bridge. But he became extremely adept at acquiring new heartbeats and keeping one step ahead of the reaper.  This allowed him to stay with his beloved Mama Jane until he finally gave up the fight and became a very influential Angel.

When Morgan left his mom, he knew he was creating a crater where her heart had been.  He needed the perfect dog to become Mama Jane's new rock, to help her navigate the road of grief, and walk with her through this scary and continually deteriorating world.  When he interviewed Jackson, he knew he had his boy. 
Morgan was sure Jackson's beautiful face, the kindness that emanated from his eyes, his everlasting devotion,  and his empathy would make him the perfect dog to help repair his mom's devastated heart. He had everything Morgan wanted in a dog, except for longevity .

I don't know why Jackson was barely given half the life span that was awarded to Morgan.  Maybe the fates punished him because Morgan had manipulated the system to provide himself with longer life. Perhaps the demons got to Jackson when his angels were otherwise occupied, or it was because there is an insurmountable evil in the world.  I don’t know the reason that Jackson was sent to the Bridge at nine years of age. I just know it was grossly unfair. 

As is often the case, Jackson went from being perfectly fine to very sick in a brief period. One day he had a seizure and was never the same.  Somehow, the seizure monster had crept into their home and latched ahold of Jackson. The episodes came rapidly. With each attack, Jason seemed to fade further away, like the seizure monster had taken control of him, making him less himself and more something unknown living in his shell.

Jackson went to the vet several times.  They eliminated the less life-threatening causes first.  Every time they determined what it wasn’t, it became more likely it was something fatal.  The final test was for a brain tumor. The result was positive. There was nothing anyone could do.  Jackson’s ticket for the Bridge had been punched.

There was a brief hope among people and angels that Jackson would prove to be another miracle dog-like Morgan, but miracles don’t repeat, which is why they are unique.  Just after the New Year, Jackson went to the Bridge, where Morgan greeted him. The first thing Jackson did was apologize to Morgan for not staying with their mom longer.  Morgan told him not to be silly. “It is not the amount of time you spend, but the quality of time spent," Morgan sagely told him. “No one made better of their time with their mom than you.”  Then Morgan kissed Jackson.

Sadly, the cruelty of Jackson’s passing has left Moma Jane devastated again. She does have Jackson’s sister Ginger, who is working very hard to help her mom on another horrific walk down the dark path of grief.  Her two angels will be with her, too, even though she won’t know it unless the light is right, and the planets align, so she can sense them for just a second, which can make all the difference to a grieving parent. 
Moma Jane had Morgan the Miracle Maltese and Jackson the Joyous.  She needs to remember she made both dogs that way. She is a great dog, mom.  Her angels will help her through the sadness and maybe find another pup as perfect they are if her heart desires. 

Moma Jane had devoted her life to rescuing dogs.  She deserves the best. She may feel like she won’t recover, but her angels will make sure she does.  Love does that.  


  1. We are so sorry to hear about dar Jackson and send love and hugs to his very special Mom.

  2. May the happy memoriesof Jackson soon replace the ache in your heart....and may there be another furbaby that will walk into your heart again.

  3. hugs an POTO to his mom... no one goes completely ... a part is always with us...

  4. Brain tumors are so final and can take pups long before their time, so sad.

  5. Hugs and purrs to Angel Jackson's and Angel Morgan's humom.

  6. It is not the amount of time you spend, but the quality of time spent...such truer words were never spoken. Sometimes we lose our pups too soon, but what wonderful time we had when they were with us!

    Kiki and Rosie

  7. Big healing hugs to Moma Jane. ♥

  8. My family has suffered the loss of three doggies over the years, Charisma, Ginger, and Joey. It's the hardest thing to go through. But your heart does heal eventually and makes room for the next one. Hmmm... I wonder if there will be another pup coming to our house anytime soon? Ghostwriter says maybe next year.

  9. Many hugs for Mama Jame, Ginger, Jackson and Morgan. We know her pain.


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