Sunday, July 26, 2020

Maverick and Lily are Reunited at the Bridge

Dogs are put on Earth to be best friends with their parents but sometimes dogs bond so strongly with their siblings that a pooch becomes the most critical relationship in a pup’s life.  That is why dogs can suffer when their siblings pass the same way that people do.  They don’t follow their kin into the light, but the magic goes out of them.  Their loving parents recognize there is something different in the pup. It is as if part of their souls were attached to the departed. It could not be retrieved until the day that they were reunited.

Father Tim knew that Maverick was a unique dog.  He loved the little boy with all his heart.  It was shattered when Maverick made his final journey to the Bridge.  Father Tim knew he was fortunate to have Maverick’s sister Lily with him, to help ease his pain caused by Maverick’s passing.  After an extensive search, Maverick found a dog who was worthy of living with his dad and Lily, named Marshy.

Before Maverick left, he had a long talk with Lily.  When he got sick, Lily told him that she couldn’t live without him.  Maverick promised her that she had the strength to survive, at least until their dad had recovered from Maverick’s passing, and a new dog was perfectly trained by Lily to emulate them both, so his dad’s heart would not want for anything when Lily joined him.

Lily promised she would stay, and she did for months, but then she took ill.  The confusion that haunts some mortal dogs when they age got its grip on her, and would not let go.  It got to the point that Lily did not recognize her dad.  But she did know one thing, the ghostly form of Maverick, who led her around the house and showed her what to do. 
Finally, Lily gave her dad her last bit of devotion. Then Maverick came to her in a dream and told her to follow him one more time without question.  Lily trailed Maverick across the floor they had once played on, past the bed they had snuggled on together, on to the lawn where they romped, and then up to the stars, and down to the water.  They were submerged, and when they broke the water, the confusion that had clouded Lily’s mind dissipated, and she saw the Bridge, and on a cliff, all her friends who had preceded her to the immortal world.

Lily followed Maverick over the Bridge and up the steps to Hobo’s Landing, where I gave her the sacred angel oath.  While Lily mourned not living with Marshy and her dad, in her heart, she was happier than she had been since her brother left her for the immortal world.
While Father Tim's heart broke again when Lily followed Maverick to the Bridge, there was also a joy because his connection to her was so strong, he knew she was where she would be happiest, and he was thankful for the days they had together.

Now Lily and Maverick are together again, romping through fields, sharing a bed, playing their silly games.  Lily has her soul intact and is content at the Bridge, where they will never be separated again.

While no pup passing can be said to be happy, this one was close.


  1. Yes, as Kinley said. They are together. Parents all know this heartache

  2. They are together, but the heartache is awful. The missing them is almost unbearable.

    Have a blessed day and week. ♥

  3. Sad, but the togetherness is a joyous event.

  4. We mourn here on Earth, while Heaven is joyous for a newly acquired Angel.

  5. Chester looked for Joey dog after he passed. Was he in the bathroom napping on the little rug in there? Was he hanging around next to the human bed? Maybe he was outside? Was he hiding somewhere? Downstairs in Dad's office? After a while, he gave up. Now he enjoys being the most spoiled doggie in the house! But we still never forget our angels.

  6. So good that in the end, we all find some peace and love.

  7. I am glad that they are together.


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