Friday, July 10, 2020

There is a New Specie At Rainbow Bridge Doggyspace

Today we were celebrating my friend Odie’s Bridge Day.  Four years ago, on this date, he crossed the river and became immortal.  We celebrate such days because they are sad reminders of what we have lost.  Humans think that you should celebrate when you are happy, but we dogs know you celebrate when you are sad because that is when you need the party the most.

We gathered for a massive party with Odie as the guest of honor.  His angel brothers Scooby and Rusty sat at the head of the table with him.  His mortal brothers Max and Baron were present in dream form, as were River Song and Pocket.  Then we got a most unexpected visitor.

A tiny fuzz ball landed on the table right next to the roast beast.  We dog love these little animals.  They have never sat on a porch and mocked us or snuck into our garden to eat our plants and vegetables like bunnies, chipmunks, and the dreaded squirrel.  Still, it was strange to see one in Doggyspace.  Why he was with us was solved when Odie proclaimed, “it is Josie.”  

Odie picked up Josie and gave her a gentle hug, then asked her why she had crashed his party.  The answer was most tragic.  That morning, with little warning, Josie discarded her mortal coil and crossed Rainbow Bridge.  Odie felt guilty.  He inquired if this was done just so his furry little sister could go to the party, and Josie assured that it wasn’t.  She would have liked to stay with their mom and dad longer, but the fates and other plans.
 Odie’s brothers wanted to rush home to see their mom, but Odie said they would do that after midnight while she was sleeping.  For now, they were all needed to help Josie accumulate to the immortal side and bring her to small animal land.  When Josie heard this, she balked.  She wanted to stay with her brothers at Doggyspace.

There was a stunned silence at the table.  No small animals had ever lived at Doggyspace.  It just wasn’t done, and that was all there was to it.   But, then I remembered.  I was a distinguished judge, and it is my burden to make these decisions.  I immediately said I would hear from both sides on these issues.

Willoughby, a french bulldog, who had been at the Bridge for years, was the most furious about Josie moving to Doggyspace, and he gave a lengthy impassioned speech about keeping Doggyspace pure and not allowing any other types of animals.  I had to smile.  I had heard the arguments made when people asked if their small animals could join the website Doggyspace, some humans argued against it, and they were told no. 

I did not let on, while Odie was making a passionate speech to allow Josie to live with him, that I had not already made up my mind.  When I began creating my own pet-related website, I made sure it was open to all.  How could I allow Rainbow Bridge Doggyspace to be any different?  When Odie finished speaking, I gave my ruling to mostly raucous cheers. 

Josie went with Odie to small animal land, but not to live there.  Instead, they brought all the furry little creatures their mom had owned over the years to live with them. Scooby and Rusty expanded their home so the little guys had their own rooms.  Then the angel dogs played with their siblings for hours.  They had never been able to do it before because the dogs could inadvertently injure their little friends.  At the Bridge, no one gets hurt.  

At midnight all of Odie’s mom’s angels went into her dreams.  It was an overwhelming amount of activity for one person.  We don’t know if she woke up remembering her dreams or just exhausted from being mentally awake all night, but hopefully, she recalled the reunion subconsciously, and it eased her pain.

And now we have a lot of small, furry, funny animals living at Doggyspace.  It is like having pets of our own!  It is awesome except when they make us take them out to pee or wake us up early in the morning for food.  I think we will get used to it.  If our parents did, then we sure can.


  1. Awww, and that's just how it should be.

  2. Thank you for sharing the story of Odie ((( hugs )))

  3. That was three perfect decision!

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  5. Odie was a beloved bunny and friend....I bet he is in charge of fun OTRB
    Hugs Cecilis

  6. Awww, there is a place for all the pets that are loved.

  7. Wow! I wonder if my ghostwriter's angel parakeets, Buddy and Topsie can visit Miss Ginger and Joey dog?


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