Thursday, July 16, 2020

River Wants the Rid the World of Fireworks

Some dogs see things the way there are and go hide under the bed.  I see things as they should be and ask, “why not”  On July 4th weekend, when the world was exploding around me, and my parents were complaining about how this illegal activity was happening everywhere around them, I wondered how the behavior could be changed.

    It would seem like there were countless fireworks celebrations going on around us.  With all that noise, I imagined there were thousands of people joyfully lighting up the sky and causing earth-shattering booms.  In reality, there were dozens at the most.  And then I asked myself how many dog parents were there?

    There must be a thousand dog parents for every one person who thinks they have the right to shoot off fireworks.  If just half of those people have dogs who become trembling wrecks as Pocket does, then that is an impressive number.  The people who set off the fireworks are anarchists breaking the law for their own pleasure and creating chaos.  The only way to stop chaos is organization.

    Dog parents are agreeable sorts.  They understand that once or twice a year, they are going to have to put up with a short, government-run fireworks display.  It is like thunder.  You don’t mind it once in a while.  The police have acted upon the same lines. They reason that it is only a few people setting off backyard fireworms who are a nuisance on a specific night.  But those people who were given leeway to break the law have taken advantage of the situation with multiple people setting off fireworks over weeks.   They have gone far over the line.  When that happens, the course correction should be severe.

    One of the things that hinder action is a feeling of helplessness.  What can we do?  We can’t stop it.  Well, that is true if you only complain to one another or on social media.  I propose you do something far greater, for all dog parents to act as one and try to get fireworks completely outlaws in the United States.  And you are just the people to do it.

    I am asking all dog parents to write to their congressmen and senators asking that fireworks be made illegal in the United States of America, even for government controlled celebrations, because if those are allowed, the backyard ones will follow.  While the reason for this might sound cold, it has to be, to meet the legal requirements.  The shooting off of fireworks damages your personal property, specifically your dogs.  There is no law that allows people to damage your house, your car, or any other property.  While we dogs are your heart, and your love, we are also your property like a boat, and we are being damaged, both in the short and long term by fireworks.  Dogs are the only unprotected property.  That has to stop.

    Furthermore, if dog parents pull together, they could create a grass-root movement, that, if it gets promoted, or shared enough, may just change the law.  There really isn’t an economic reason for fireworks.  They are a frivolous expense that keeps being spent because it always has been.  It is time to stop.

    I don’t know if it will make a difference.  It probably won’t.  But parents should still do it.  Not because they want to win.  Not because it will save lives.  But because it is right, and it is kind.  If nothing is done, then the fireworks will get worse.  We dogs can’t change it.  We need you, people, not to succeed but to do something even more.  To try.  

    Maybe, someday, if you try, pet parents will be able to celebrate our Independence Day again and not hide from it. 

You can sign the petition to ban fireworks here


  1. done here... no fireworks this year and we hope they will keep that forever... we all have to buy toy cars for the environment, but they blow all that crap in the air without thinking about da nature...

  2. We totally support your cause and we signed the petition!

  3. I'm with you on this. We hated those fireworks that stressed our Little Bit out for years. I signed the petition.

    Have a woof woof day and weekend. ♥

  4. Our town cancelled their yearly fireworks show because of the virus. So instead people did their own displays. Good thing I'm not afraid of it! But I bet there were many other pets who were terrified that the noise was so close rather than five miles away in the town park.

  5. I signed AND shared it on FB.
    Fireworks are so unnecessary!

  6. Cat parents as well. I don't know any cats including myself who can bear those illegal fireworks that go on for weeks and weeks.

  7. We are behind you 200% River and on our way to sign the petition!!

  8. Off we go - that petition needs to be signed!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  9. You tell 'em, River. I signed the petition and posted it to FB.

  10. Are they still going on for you too? We have then here most nights still, and it scares us.


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