Sunday, August 15, 2021

Pocket Writes Home From Sleep Away Camp


It is I, your little Pocket Dog.  I am having a fantastic time at Sleep-Away-Camp.    You were brilliant to send me here.  Honestly, I was hiding a big secret from you.  Before I went to camp, I was feeling poorly. I kept pooping; my mouth hurt, I had trouble peeing.  As soon as I arrived, I felt better; it must have been something in that river I swam before arriving at camp. 

    And get this!  All my angel friends are here, led by Foley!  She was wearing her judge clothes and looked so silly I had to laugh. She made me take the Sleepy Time Camp oath, and then everyone cheered.  I felt like a princess.

    Boy, did it rain after that!  Foley told me that the raindrops were tears shed when people found out I went to camp. Most of them were yours.  I guess parents do miss their kids when they go to camp.  I felt terrible that you were upset and wanted to go home.  Foley told me I couldn’t but that we could visit.

    She took me to this bird store and picked out two bodies, then paid the proprietor a bag of seed.  The next thing I knew, I was a hummingbird!  Foley taught me how to fly.  It was challenging, but once I got the hang of it, I was soaring.  

    Foley told me to follow her, and we flew for a long time until we came to familiar butterfly bushes.  I realized I was home again and seeing things from a whole new perspective.  I had so much fun chasing Foley around the yard, just like we used to when she lived with us.  I saw you in the window, and I felt terrible that you looked so sad.  I fluttered my wings at you to signal I was happy at camp and thankful you took my pain away.  I hope you noticed.

    Not all camp life is fun. Before Foley let me come here, she made me promise that I would become her clerk of courts.  Foley is a sleepaway camp judge.  I thought it had something to do with picking the winner of pie and pig contests, but apparently, camp members come to her when they have disputes, and she decides who is right.  I guess she is cut out for it because she is never wrong.  Just ask her.  Anyway, whoever had the job before I did was terrible.  It might take me all summer to get caught up.

    I share a tiny house on the river with Foley, and I met my predecessors, Jax, Sky, Copper, and Blake.  It was a true honor to get to know  them all.  I can see why you loved them so much.   Jax is going to teach me how to blow things up: It sounds like fun.

    I asked Foley when I could go home, and she said, not today or tomorrow, but since time moves quickly here:  Soon.  And she said you and Daddy would arrive seperately, but the way Daddy drives, who knows?  Then, when we are all together at camp, we will return home, to a land called Happily Eve After.  

I am looking forward to that.

    I know parents are sad when their dogs go to sleepaway camp.  I don’t want you shedding tears.  I am all better now.  I am at a place where nothing scares me, and I will never have an upset tummy again.  Most of all, I am with friends and won’t be sick or in pain   

    Like all kids at camp, once we were separated, I realized how much I loved you.  You are the best mom anywhere.  I was a special needs dog with a small bladder, weekly diarrhea, and fear of loud noises.  A lot of moms would have given up on me, but you never did.  Thank you for giving me the best life any dog had ever lived.

    Foley says that we will visit you in your dreams soon, and we will keep doing it until camp ends, and I am with you again.

    It just won’t be today or tomorrow and It will be that way for a long, long time.

    But I can handle it.  You gave me what I needed to survive and everything that made me Little Pocket Dog. I will be thankful for ever.

Love Pocket Dog 


  1. Hi Pocket! We are glad that you are having a great time at Sleepy Away Camp! We have a whole bunch of befores that are there. Queen Nellie comes back and visits us the most and she says Foley is the greatest and she can't wait to meet you pocket, so if a very tiny (only 4 pounds) lilac point with a very loud voice stops by, it is Nellie Bellie (she's always right too). It was so kind of you to go and visit your peeps! We know they will live it! We send you loads of purrs!

  2. Pocket, we read the news and we hope there is all happiness and joy in that angel camp.....

  3. Pocket, I am so super glad you are having a good time at Angel Camp. I wonder if kitties have a separate Camp? Do you guys see them and play with them? I know our Angels visit us. They knew how all their brothers and me, their mom, were suffering.

    1. Kitties live just over the hill from us and we visit all the time,and some dogs and cats live together

  4. You're right Pocket. Time just flies by there at sleep away camp. It's almost like there is no yesterday or tomorrow, just today, and that can be a very good thing. I hope you will continue to visit all of us, your friends, too, with what is now your sister River's blog. Love, Amy, Xena and Lucy

  5. That is very sweet and I know you both were adorable humming birds.

  6. Pocket, I know your letter to Mom helped her soooo much! I'm glad to hear all our fur-children at the Bridge are safe and happy.

  7. Keep practicing your flying, Pocket. Yesterday a hummingbird bumped into the back of my head. I bet that was you!

  8. Angel Pocket, what a delightful letter from camp.
    We have a lump in our throat.
    Paddy O'Malley hasn't assumed another body to say hello to me, but I hear his squeak every once in awhile, about once a day.
    It's a fabulous sound to hear.

  9. That is such a sweet letter from dear Little Pocket dog.

  10. What a lovely letter from Angel Pocket. Your mom did a good thing by not giving up on you.

    Have a fabulous day and week. Healing hugs. ♥

  11. pocket; yur storree iz like de best ♥♥♥♥♥ ever toll.....

    we understand bout yur mom and dad bee in sad :(

    yet, we iz happee ewe and foley R lurnin ta "visit" them and we hope ewe vizit yur mom and dad lotz....

    just bee cauz they canna "see ewe"...does knot meen ewe R knot ther....

    cauz yur all wayz ther....with them...and we noe... they noe.... what we meen ~~~~~~♥♥♥♥♥

  12. Hello, sweet Pocket. We think some of that rain had our teardrops too. But it does make us smile that you are now happy there with Foley. We hope you bring beautiful dreams to your Mom and Dad soon.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  13. Hi friend, Ojo here. You have joined all our beloved Dog-friends who have walked the rainbow bridge to sleep away camp. How wonderful that you don't feel sick anymore! Run free with all our friends who have gone before us. And keep visiting your people, I'm sure they miss you lots and lots and lots. We are sending them so much love.

  14. Sweet Pocket - we miss you too! Hugs to your Mom.

  15. We are sorry to have read this a little late, but we all send hugs and sweet thoughts to your family and know that the wonderful memories of you will keep you in your Mom and Dad's dreams.

    Rosie, Redford and their mom


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