Friday, September 2, 2022

Charlotte Arrives at Rainbow Bridge



Sometimes, all the angels in creation, who are warriors for good, cannot defeat evil because it strikes when least suspected and takes away those needed the most.

When Momma Kim's beloved Hannah went to the Bridge, we thought it was the worst thing that could happen to her. When Hannah found adorable Charlotte to be her successor, we felt that Momma Kim's problems were over. This assumption allowed evil to set its sights on destroying Momma Kim's life.

Momma Kim ran an online business selling expensive items at low prices and paid for the shipping too. Her generosity put her in evil's sights, and it took her money and put her and Charlotte out of their home.

No matter how bad her life was, like most dog moms, she was happy as long as she was with her sweet girl.

Then evil came for what she loved the most.

Just five years old, Charlotte was hit with lymphoma, as evil struck a devastating blow. Worse, there was nothing that could be done for her.

All the angels, Momma Kim, and friends were devastated by the diagnosis, none more so than Hannah, who had paw-selected Charlotte because she did not think her mortal sister was in evil's sights. She called an angel meeting, and we all gathered to see what could be done, but there was nothing, and all we could do, as angels of good, was to redouble our efforts to fight evil and stop the next victim from being taken.

Charlotte fought with all her will to stay with her mom as long as possible. Still, Momma Kim knew she was suffering and could tell when Charlotte was ready to go to the Bridge, so Momma Kim let her go, taking on all of Charlotte's pain, along with the massive amount she was already carrying.

It is different for dogs who pass over as a result of evil. Most of them were never loved, which is tragic, but so is one who has been loved, especially by a person who angels have targeted for years.

We knew the transition would be extended. All Charlotte wanted was to be with her mom if anyone understood that it was Baliff River who spent more than an hour speaking with the little white angel before she agreed to cross the Bridge.

Given the circumstances of Charlotte's arrival, it was a subdued welcome. Her welcoming dinner was postponed because we knew she was in no mind to celebrate.

Charlotte joined Hannah, and without a word, they ran off to combat the evil and depression entrenched in their mom's life.

Hannah and her mom's other dogs had been losing the battle, but Hannah had seen the evil in action and knew its weaknesses.

We all stand with them as a mother to one of us is a mother to all.

We won't rest until the forces of evil leave her,

Then we will celebrate.

But we know it will be one victory in a long war.


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