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A Poetry Thursday Poem for Dr. Seuss Day


Once again, Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton have provided us with a photo for Poetry Thursday, Dr. Seuss Day.

Here is my meager contribution to both Poetry Thursday and Dr. Seuss Day

At the old animal’s home, we met a cat named Pat

Who said he was the real Cat in the Hat

I excitedly asked what it was like to be the subject of a book

Oh boy, did he give me a withering look

“I do not like that Dr. Seuss

Because of him, all I get is abuse

His books are nothing but lies

It is him I genuinely despise.

Firstly, I did not go in the bang on the front door.

They tossed me in the house and on the floor

The house was a terrible mess

Those kids had been playing to excess

The fish begged me to set it free

And throw him into the nearby sea

But the rotten kids blocked the door

So the fish took his chances on the floor

They said the mom would be home soon

And the place looked like it had been hit with a monsoon

I tried to clean up, carrying several things in my arms

While the kids smoked and set off the smoke alarm

Then they invited their friends inside called the Things

Who flew kites, knocked pictures off the walls, and made the place look like a meat market in Beijing

I got them out of the house and tried to clean

But then their mother got home, a woman most mean

She asked what had caused all this mess

She was in great distress

And they said it was the cat in the hat

The woman picked me up and threw me out with a splat

I ran away, hoping to get loose

When I saw on the mailbox, it said, Seuss

The father arrived home later that day

And listened to the story his kids had to say

About the terrible cat in the hat

And at his desk, he did sat

And wrote a book full of lies

About the mess, I did devise

And he went on to be famous

While my sullied reputation made me homeless

And that is why I hate the man named Seuss

Who, because of me, is more famous than Mother Goose

Now if you would please scram

I am eating my green eggs and ham.”

I told the cat, just like in the Dr. Seuss book

And he gave me such a look

“You mean he stole my breakfast too

I am going to sue

My friends have urged me a lawsuit I should pursue

Especially my cousins Horton and the Whos”

It turns out Dr. Seuss was a thief

Who stole stores from a cat and caused him grief

So spread the word in the land and abroad

Dr. Seuss is a great big fraud


  1. BOL, I think dat cat needs a CATtorney!

  2. we love such cat-astrophes.. and we know that mon-soon places LOL

  3. I second the motion of Kinley... LOL MOL BOL

  4. That is quite an amazing story of the real inspiration for the "Cat In The Hat" book.

  5. That is a great story of how the Cat in the Hat came to be!

  6. Glad he didn't write any dog stories.


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