Friday, March 3, 2023

Bobby is our Pet of the Week

From the Desk of Pocket Dog

I put on my best body today. I wore it when I was four, and it had grown into my face, but it still had puppy energy. I did so for an important reason: Foley appointed me as liaison to Kitty Land, and today a vital cat was coming, our friend from Enzo's Gararge: Bobby.

Bobby lived with his mom Fee Louise in London, across the ocean from where I lived. We met at the friendliest place in the world: Enzo's Garage, where they are no dogs or cats, but just friends.  

Bobby lived with other kitties be he was his mom's heart cat. They went together perfectly, and often their heart beat as one. But, inevitably, one of those hearts stops before the other, and the surviving heart never beats quite right again.

Late last year, Bobby and his mom got heart-shattering news: He had cancer. All that could be done was keep him comfortable and show him how much he was loved. Bobby was with the right family to do that. Every day was precious to them, and they were in the twilight.

This week Bobby's quality of living lessened significantly. Letting a pet go is the hardest decision a parent can make, but in another way, it is the easiest because there isn't a choice. Fee and Bobby's daddy made the only possible decision. They sent Bobby to the Bridge, and just before his soul left his body, they took all his pain and suffering onto themselves, freeing their precious boy.

We refer to Rainbow Bridge as a singular place, but hundreds exist. If not, the traffic would be unbearable.
Cats cross in a different location and are sworn in by Paddy O'Malley. I was fortunate to see Bobby cross, running happily, his body free of disease, pain, and the ravages of an advanced age. Thanks to his parents, Bobby had never felt better physically, but psychologically he was grieving the loss of his parents. Luckily, he has his parent's other pets to help him, as well as Enzo and the Garage Angels.

Without hesitation, Bobby announced that he would New living at the Bridge garage, where he always found comfort on the mortal side. Every room they're behind to an Angel who desperately misses their parents, and they help one another through the days until their family is reunited and they move to Happily Ever After.

As soon as Bobby got to the Garage, he began angel classes to visit his mom in her dreams, and with the weather warming as a bird or beautiful insect.

Bobby is beginning the Big Wait for his parents to join him. He will do his best to ensure it is a long wait and that his parents are healthy and happy for years.

And, when the time comes for them to go to the Bridge, Bobby will be there to repay their kindness, take away their pain, make them whole again, and take their hands for the journey to eternity.


  1. What a touching memorial. Beautifully written.

  2. Bob you were a gorgeous black cat on your days OTRB be full of warm breezes and lots of catnaps
    Hugs Cecilia

  3. Sweet Bobby, the Angels have gained a good one.

  4. Bobby was a handsome boy. I am sorry he had to leave.


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