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Poetry Thursday


Once again, Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton have provided us with a photo for Poetry Thursday.

Kathy climbed very high.

To do so, you must be spry

The crowd yelled, “dive, dive!

We know you will come out of the pool alive.”

Kathy looked down from high in the air

Ane realized she could see everywhere

“Hey Jim,” she yelled from the board

And to Jim’s house, she pointed towards

“I can see your house from here

You better get home. Your teenage son is drinking your beer.”

“Dive, dive,” the crowd demanded

But she was looking at Rupert’s store, which was short-handed

“You better get to your shop

The kids are stealing your soda pop.”

“Dive, dive” the crowd yelled 

But she was too concerned with what smelled

“Giles, I can see your house on fire

You better get home before it turns dire.”

“Dive, dive,” the dwindling crowd chanted

But she saw something Larry took for granted

“Your wife is making you a cuckold

Your next-door neighbor has here in a close hold.”

“Dive, dive,” the few remaining cried

But she told Ned his son turned his suit in tye-dye

One by one, they all departed

Which made Kathy feel joy and wholehearted

She climbed down from her high perch

There was no need to diving since they left her in the lurch

The next day she told everyone they had gone

That she had dove as pretty as a swan

She was sorry no one saw it

And then she climbed down lickety-split

After collecting her pay for the dive

She moved on to the next town to connive

To charge people a hundred dollars to see

She dives into the pool like a descending bee

And tell them all the reasons they must leave

And then the next day told she dived, which they believed

Kathy was thankful the folks were so dim

Truth be told, she couldn’t even swim


  1. oh man we agree... noth the height is the worst, but the crowd LOL

  2. What a clever tale you wove in that poem with that picture for inspiration.

  3. Kathy needs a kite. I almost needed Dramamine when I looked at that photo.
    I don't like heights go thing I'm only 5'3" BOL BOL
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Yikes on the no swimming and that was a good one, but way too high for me!

  5. That photo made our mom freak out just a little bit, so she loved the poem's resolution!


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