Friday, March 17, 2023

Baby, Rosie, and Angel Chester are Foley's Pups of the Week


I was taking a nighttime stroll through Blogville when I passed the newspaper office and saw Chester fast asleep, curled up next to his typewriter.

When I opened the door, a bell rang, which caused Chester to wake up and begin barking orders to his staff, who had gone home hours earlier.

“It’s just me,” I said, “I am sorry to startle you.”

“A newsman is never startled,” he said. “And I wasn’t sleeping; I was visiting my puppy sisters, Baby and Rosie. They are improving, but I don’t know if they can run the Daily Bone without my help.

The Daily Bone was the newspaper Chester founded while living in the mortal world when he accepted an offer to cast off his tired, old, and sick body to begin a Bridge edition of the paper. Chester was tasked with starting the paper and finding replacements to keep the mortal version going.

Chester interviewed dozens of dogs but could not find his candidate to be his mom’s heart dog and a good reporter. Then he was struck by a Thunderbolt. He would find two dogs, and it made sense. No single dog could replace Chester.

He dreams visited Rosie, the best reporting candidate, and Baby, the most likely to be a heart dog, and they agreed to team up as pack members.

The next step was to convince his mom to get two dogs to help rebuild her heart. She agreed with Chester; allowing her was more than a one-dog endeavor. Chester told his mom where she could find his picks for their pack, and soon the home of one dog became two.

The duo is doing a great job with their mom’s heart. Being with them gives her a joy she thought she had lost when Chester went to the Bridge.

Turning them into ace reporters has been difficult given the low attention span of puppies and that it has snowed and the pair of sisters are delighted romping

In the snow, then, they fall asleep when they are done.

“They are excellent weather reporters, but they are so busy being puppies they miss what is happening in their backyard.”

I reminded Chester about taking care of their mom.

It was the pups’ first priority, and it took him a few years to become the hardened reporter he is now.

Chester sighed and said I was right. He needed to be patient, and there was a literal eternity for them to improve.

Then we walked outside and looked in the window as minions ran the press. We got a fresh copy of the paper and began to read it.

I love the Bridge edition, where the only news is good news.


  1. We love Baby and Rosie and are sure that in time, when their puppy attention span increases, they will develop into pair of ace reporters. But oh how we wish that the Bridge edition was a paper we could buy at our local newsagent....
    Nobby (and Gail).

  2. Baby and Rosie are so cute and doing a great job with the paper and their mom's heart. Chester is, no doubt, proud of their work.

  3. Baby and Rosie as they grow will be perfect reporters and take good care of their mm love Thebes Tory. Dallas and Belle

  4. We are sure happy to read such a wonderful report, those two will sure be the blessing as intended!

  5. What pretty pups and what a good job they are doing!

  6. Love seeing and meeting ther puppies. They will grow to be intrepid reporters! XX

  7. I haven't had much time to be on my computer lately because I've been so busy with Baby and Rosie pups. I was so surprised to see them as featured here! Thank you so much!

    I agree, it will take quite a while to get those two to be as professional as Chester was. They're also kind of tough to photograph with their black furs, and constant activity. I'm sure Chester and Joey are giving them some guidance from above.

    Thanks again for featuring them here.

    Chris (aka ghostwriter)

  8. What a lovely way to introduce Rosie and Baby The Princess Reporters in training.
    A really fun and wonderful post.
    Hugs Cecilia

  9. We think tose puppies are adorable!!!! From Chipper and Jax!!!!

  10. We're BIG fan of The Daily Bone for many years!


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