Thursday, March 23, 2023

Poetry Thursday


Once again, Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton have provided us with a photo for Poetry Thursday

My mom was a weightlifting champion

Maybe that is why daddy couldn’t sleep with an ambien

The men at the club all made fun

That she was the stronger one

Old dad, he did live in fear

That in his sleep, mom would attack from the rear

Once, a robber entered the house

And Daddy told Mommy to be quieter than a mouse

Instead, she stood and confronted the villain 

And beat him until his face was vermilion

When the police came, they treated her like a queen

While he was left in the room to clean

He decided to get in shape and joined a gym

But she had to save him the first time he tried to swim

He complained to his friend that he had become emasculated 

And his friends worried their marriage was ill fated

But he knew he could not leave

It was something he could not conceive

As much as everyone thought it was funny

Without her, they would beat him up for his lunch money

Das told me she was so strong when I was in her womb

When she gave birth, she shot me across the room

Old the kids laughed that their dad could beat up mine

And I told them my mom could snap their spine

I want you to know my mom was a real lady

Even when she played offensive line for Tom Brady

To me she was just my mom

Who made cookies, wiped my nose, and wrestled as the Atom Bomb


  1. we agree... our dad would live in fear too hahahaha

  2. And now you have my mom rolling on the floor and laughing out loud!

  3. Men don't know when they have it good!

  4. Ruby Rose OMDs I cannot stop laughing
    'Das told me she was so strong when I was in her womb

    When she gave birth, she shot me across the room'.
    Thank you
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. I LOVED this poem! And it reminded me of something that really happened. My middle son was outside (about 11 years old) and threatened a school "buddy" that "my mom will beat up your Dad!" They were having a loud disagreement about something but he was drawing on the knowledge that I had bee lifting weights for some time...heavy ones. My best dead lift in warm ups was 322#. The boys used to go to the gym with me and watch workouts. in the summer. I told that son never to say that again. I didn't want to get into fisticuffs with some stranger nor would the stranger want to do so. Thanks for the memory as old Bob Hope used to say.

  6. That was sure a really good one, bravo you!

  7. Amazing! That mom and your great poem!


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