Friday, March 31, 2023

The Case of the Puerto Rican Zoo Immigrants (A Foley Monster Small Tale from Rainbow Bridge_

 I had to put my judge robe on this week to decide on a crucial case.

There was once a thriving zoo in Puerto Rico, but because of budget cuts and a disastrous hurricane, the zoo fell into disrepair, and the animals became neglected. There was no choice but to close the zoo.

But what was to become of the animals? They couldn't be set free; some of them were predators. They began to search for a zoo to take the soon-to-be homeless inhabitants.

After months of calls, the government found a wildlife sanctuary in Colorado that agreed to take the animals.

But that was only the beginning of the problems. Darnell, an elephant in the sanctuary, objected to the refugees being allowed into his neighborhood.

He stood before the other animals and made his case: "When Puerto Rico sends its animals, they're not sending their best. They're sending animals that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing lice. They're bringing disease. They're predators. And some, I assume, are good animals."

At first animals, he thought that Darnell was stroking his trunk. Still, other animals sided with him and filed suit in animal court to block the Puerto Rican animals from immigrating to Colorado. All human testimony occurred in their quickly forgotten dreams; at least, I hoped they didn't remember.

Recalling a dream where a Yorkie judged an elephant's desire to block refugee giraffes from entering the country would make someone swear off late-night cold pizza.

The defendant went first: He explained that the animals' lives were in danger in Puerto Rico, and their best hope for survival was being transferred to Colorado. A ruling against them would be a death sentence.

Next, it was Darnell's turn. The elephant impressively stood on his back legs and spoke clearly. "The sanctuary is for open cages. There is a caravan of zoo animals invading the southern border. We need to tell them the refuge is full. "

"It is not a caravan," the representative for the sanctuary said, "it is an ark. The owner is named  Noah, and two of each animal are on the boat. They will perish if they are not accepted in Colorado and return to Puerto Rico."

I didn't want to be responsible for animals perishing and quickly sided with the refugees.

Darnell is trying to overturn my decision and is running for President of the Sanctuary. It is scary to think he could get elected, especially when facing several charges, including paying off a gibbon who peed on his trunk for sexual gratification.

He couldn't possibly be elected.

Could he?


  1. Omg, this is hysterical and also kind of scary!

  2. I don't think the animals can be called refugees if they are only coming over from Puerto Rico

  3. so sad for those animals in the Zoo but hoping Darnell does not win and they can be relocated in Colorado. Dallas and Belle

  4. So many zoos and/or wildlife rescues are falling on hard times. Sending all kinds a purrs for each facility who gives them homes
    Hugs Cecilia

  5. i always feel so badly for the animals in zoos in places that have weather dangers or other strife!

  6. Sadly I do believe he can win, I'd believe most anything these days.

  7. Lets hope Mr Haughty know it all Elephant doesn't get his way. Hmmm...sounds like a parody of other life in the world...

  8. Please, please, please don't lets the elephant be elected. We have already had enough of his TRUMPeting...

  9. The drama in the animal world! Lee and Phod who would like to have zoo animals in their house

  10. We wanted to thank you for visiting and your kind words for my bro Izzy. ❤️


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