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Monday Question


Who does your nails?
Do you cooperate?
If you have them done at home, who does it and what do they use?


  1. the vet... the staff knows that we hate the one who nailed it, so they pass this job to a person we hate anyway....

  2. The streets of Aberdeen take care of my nails.

  3. Mom dremmels my nails and I get small treats during and when we're all finished, she takes the rest of my treats and puts them inside my interactive tube toy and I get treated some more!

  4. We do not trim claws here; Da Boyz were too old when we adopted them, and they never took to it. Sweetie is too fierce, being a feral, so she's out too.
    When they go to the vet, they get trimmed.

  5. The groomers do our nails when we need it.
    Sunny & Rosy

  6. Angel Diva Madi was very cooperative with her nails. Which was surprising since she was not a fan of being held. However, with our first cat I learned how to be quick as greased lightning.
    Her Dad held madi and clipped...
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. Our Dad does our nails but if we happen to be at the Vet we get them done while we're there.


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