Thursday, February 1, 2024

Poetry Thursday

One bedroom river views, the ad said.

The picture from the porch showed a pretty cottage painted red.

Fred was desperate for a place to lay his head.

So, he bought the place after ripping out the ad, which he barely read.


Upon seeing the house with the realtor, Fred caused a spat

She said the ad stated the house had one caveat.

He would have to take a boat to get to his habitat.

But if he wanted privacy, his home would provide that.


Fred rowed a boat to his new abode.

Then, I sat on the porch and watched as the river flowed.

He found where the generator was stowed.

And he had supper, serving his pie alamode.


He slept soundly in his bed.

When he awoke and looked out the window, he learned he had been misled.

The tide had gone out, and the water had fled.

He had to climb down the rock, fell and hit his head.


When contacting the realtor, she said: “I am sorry I didn’t tell you about the tide.

I thought you knew that’s what happened when you lived at the seaside.

But it was in the ad and to the lease you must abide.

Your request for different lodging has been denied.”


When he went home, the tide was high

And after rowing home, he made a list of additions he needed to buy.

“I will make the most of it,” he did specify.

But he should have paid attention to the darkening sky.


A storm came through, and he found himself awaking in the middle of the bay.

Headed to the ocean down Kokomo Way.

And in a moment, he decided at sea he would stay.

His life would be a permanent holiday.


All across the seven seas

Spread the world of Fred the pirate sailing in his red house at ease.

Running a black market, selling linguica to the Chinese

And outrunning the sword of Damocles


  1. so bad for fred, the bed, the head and that shed... hahahahaha

  2. We think Fred is an exceptionally resourceful individual.

  3. We love your poem and think Fred did the right thing turning his home into a boat.


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