Thursday, February 22, 2024

Poetry Thursday


Larry, the wooden zebra, did not want to be rude.

But he was at a bizarre interlude.

There was someone who mounted him, giving him a lot of attitude.

When she yelled “giddy up” the wooden horse knew he was screwed. .


She ran her hands over Larry trying to find the gas.

And made him yell “sufferin’ sassafras!”

He had thought he was having a good day, but alas.

He had a bleached blonde, white lady on his ass.


Angel Sammys and Teddys Pawetaton have provided another picture for Poetry Thursday.

Thomas has been taught he would meet a lot of strange people in this life.

And be kind and courteous in the face of great strife.

His mom told him, “make sure you don’t get fooled and make one your wife,”

But he didn’t know what to do when confronted by a camera wielding housewife.


She told Thomas to take her picture astride her prized horse.

And, having been told to always agree with crazies he said ‘of course.”

But then he realized in remorse

That the woman and Larry the horse were engaged in intercourse.


The woman yelled happily, having her best day.

Her sad life had made her want to run away.

And go somewhere that was happy and gay.

But first she would add horse sex to her resume.


The boy wondered if he should call the police.

Larry the wooden horse planned to file a complaint with Greenpeace.

But the woman would not cease.

Until she was arrested for disturbing the peace.

The police asked her why she has a zebra rump.

But before she answered her lawyer got her out of that dump

And got home in time to watch her dad on the stump.

Just another sad day in the life of Ivanka Trump.










  1. Poor Ivanka.
    Or perhaps not - she must be paid a lot of money to stay with that monster...

  2. We didn't see that ending coming...but we love it!

  3. This photo challenge was 100% inspirational in so many ways.
    Well done
    Hugs Cecilia


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