Sunday, February 11, 2024

The Ruby Rose Report: On the Road Again


My season of leisure, the winter of Ruby, may be ending.

I wouldn’t say I like the cold, wet clouds or any cards Mother Nature deals with from the bottom of the deck. Give me a warm, sunny day, or let me view the world from the comfort of the couch.

I do go out with my parents when they run errands on Saturday. I wore River’s old travel vest, but it was getting snug. That is when I got the honor of wearing River’s everyday vest, which had hung off a knob under her memorial since she passed.

My Dad went to put it on me, but it didn’t fit. It isn’t surprising. I was smaller than my big angel sister when I arrived, but I was spoiled with good fun and filled out, so now I held the house’s Largest Griffon title.

My Dad adjusted the harness and went to put it on, but it didn’t fit. So, he changed it more and tried again, but it was still too large. I began to feel embarrassed, and with each additional adjustment, my fur grew redder. I found the entire experience embarrassing, like being in school, being sent to the board to answer a question, and being left there, as you kept trying and failing.

Finally, after the harness had been extended to its full length and stretched, it fit me.

Then came River’s coat, which fit, albeit snuggly, the latest among my many humiliations.

My leash was clipped onto River’s harness, and we stepped out on a slightly above-freezing New England winter day. Oh, how I lamented my old Florida home with airplane-sized mosquitos, gators, relentless humidity, and flatland hillbillies.

But, I was not going to show that the walk was taxing: There had been talk of the dreaded word diet. What a foul development during the winter of Ruby.

I went down the steps. My paws were cold. The wind blew in my face, but I ventured onward, recognizing road work was the only way to stave off a diet.

My Dad fancied himself my trainer, telling me when he was done, I would pee lightning and crap thunder.

Yes, I would be on his side of the bed.

I soon fell back into form. There was a lot of pee-mail I needed to catch up on, And it felt good to be moving again. When I got home, I said I could manage a weekly walk.

Wait? It’s a daily walk.

This was supposed to be the winter of Ruby!




  1. Dearest Ruby Rose,
    Oh, your memories of Florida... but you got into your Angel sibling's vest and coat!
    Stay working at it.
    Mariette + Kitties

  2. glad that you have the magic items of your angels... they can do wonders... like easys old harness, da phenny escaped and wrecked two flowerpots of the neighbor... not bad...

  3. ruby we dunno witch iz werst..skewl blak bordz…gatorz
    ore de diet werd ( heerz two earl lee spring ‼️🐟

  4. That's definitely as 'disappointing' look on your face, Ruby!

  5. You do look upset about the harness not fitting, Ruby. We hope the road walking will help slim you down so you don't require a diet.

  6. Oh dear me Ruby Rose...winter does make everyone less active.
    Fingers crossed spring will give you more activity
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. Hopefully warm will be here before you know it sweet Ruby!

  8. Don't be discouraged, Ruby. Spring will have you at your target weight with more walkies for you.

  9. Daily walks are fun Ruby. A much more fun option than a diet. I'm sure you'll soon get into the swing of things.

  10. We bet before long, you'll be the one asking your Dad to go for a walk!
    Rosy & Sunny


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